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CryBabies Magic Tears Dolls Review

CryBabies Magic Tears Dolls

CryBabies Magic Tears Dolls are absolutely adorable! Guys, I can’t even express how cute I think they are. There are regular size baby dolls and there are also mini dolls too. The mini dolls come in little bottle houses with surprise accessories inside them. CryBabies Magic Tears Dolls are from IMC Toys. With just a little water, these dolls create tears!

CryBabies Magic Tears Dolls

Cry Babies Magic Tears Dolls

I am going to start with the CryBabies Magic Tears Dolls because I have previously reviewed the Magic Tears Mini Dolls and Bottle Houses. We have Jenna and Dreamy. These are from the fantasy collection. Jenna can be found only at Target while Dreamy can only be found at Walmart.

Before Play

There is an on/off switch on the back of the baby doll. I am thankful for that because I would rather not hear a baby doll cry when it’s not being played with. When you slip down the hood of the doll’s PJ’s, there is a part that can be removed to reveal a cap. This is where you will fill the doll with water. It doesn’t take much water. There is also a little button you should press a couple times after filling it. This is to make sure the water flows when she cries.

CryBabies Magic Tears Dolls

The Outfits

Can I say the word adorable again? Well, I am. Jenna is dressed in blue and reminds me of a Pegasus. Her wings are just darling. Dreamy is dressed as a Unicorn. She even has a horn on her head. Their tails are so cute!

CryBabies Magic Tears Dolls

Their arms and legs are also articulated which makes my daughter happy. She likes to be able to sit and pose them. These two are also the perfect pair aren’t they? Rainbows and Clouds definitely go together! The great thing about these outfits is that they can be removed as well if you ever need to wash them. If you are going to wash them, I would just hand wash them.

Play Time

After you fill with water and switch the doll ON, the CryBabies Magic Tears Doll will start cooing and babbling. Because the sounds are so realistic, it’s the cutest sound ever. I love baby babbling noises! Now comes the crying part. If you remove her pacifier, she will start crying. Not only does she make a crying sound, tears will actually start falling from her eyes!

CryBabies Magic Tears Dolls

As cute as this is, I have to warn you that when the tears fall, it makes you kind of sad! With the realistic crying sounds and the tears added with those sounds make you kind of feel bad for the doll. My daughter likes to play with hers with the tears.

However, she is older. If you have a younger kiddo that doesn’t like the tears just yet, you can still play with the doll without the water. She will still make her cooing and babbling sounds. And she will still make her crying sounds as well, just without the tears.

Stop the Crying

To stop the crying, you can put her pacifier back in her mouth and she will stop and go back to her adorable babbling. However, there is another way to get her to stop. Instead of putting her pacifier back in her mouth, you can lay her back in your arms and she will stop. I really love this idea because it gives your child the idea that she/he is soothing and comforting her/his baby.

My daughter absolutely loves her baby dolls!

CryBabies Magic Tears Dolls

Cry Babies Magic Tears Mini Dolls and Bottle Houses

The mini dolls are just as cute. As much as my daughter loves her regular size dolls, I think she likes the mini dolls more. She likes collecting them. Series 1 has 12 different dolls that you can collect. Each doll is a complete surprise until you open up the bottle house.

CryBabies Magic Tears Dolls


All mini dolls come with a few similar accessories. For example, they all have a pacifier, a sippy cup, a clip on bow, and a little chair they can sit in. The other accessories are exclusive to the particular doll you got.

You may even find a rare golden accessory. My daughter found a golden bow in one of her bottle houses! Oh, and each doll also come with her own blanket. The little blankets match the animal PJ’s they are wearing. How cute is that?!

My daughter loves how the accessories are placed in the bottle house. You have to kind of pop them out because they are hidden behind a cardboard panel. In a way it reminds me of something like an advent calendar.

Play Time with the Minis!

Each mini doll comes with a sippy cup that can be filled with water. Then you place it in the mini dolls mouth and gently squeeze the water into the doll. When my daughter plays with hers, it usually takes two cups. When I say cups, I mean the doll’s cup.

CryBabies Magic Tears Dolls

After the doll is filled with water, she can cry tears. To make the dolls cry tears, you have to press around the belly. The first time you play with them, you may have to press for a bit until the water comes out. After the first time, my daughter didn’t have any issues getting them to shed their tears. Just like the regular size dolls, you can play with these without water as well. The mini dolls do not make any sounds.

There is an opening on the back of them so you can release any water that is inside the doll after play. I appreciate this so much because I don’t like leaving water inside toys like this. I like to be able to drain them and let them air out.

CryBabies Magic Tears Dolls

Final Thoughts…

We think CryBabies Magic Tears Dolls are cute and adorable. My daughter loves them. The mini dolls are fun to collect and of course they are surprise toys so that’s another bonus. Would your kiddos love these? There is now a series 2 for the Mini Houses. We have a couple so as soon as I get the chance, I will update with another photo!

Buy It: You can find CryBabies Magic Tears at store like Target and Walmart. There may be some that are exclusive to each store as previously mentioned in my review. The Mini Dolls Bottle Houses retail for approximately $9.99 while the regular size doll babies retail from $14 to $24 depending on where you shop and which one you buy. There is a Dalmatian and a flamingo that my daughter wants to find!

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Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post. However, I received free product mentioned in this post from Cry Babies Magic Tears / IMC Toys for my use and review.  All opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own. If you would like to be a sponsor in a giveaway or collaboration with DustinNikki Mommy of Three, please email Nicole Anderson at danderson35 (at) columbus (dot) rr (dot) com.

CryBabies Magic Tears Dolls
CryBabies Magic Tears Dolls
CryBabies Magic Tears Dolls
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