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Dobby Talking Plush from Wow! Stuff Review

Dobby Talking Plush

The Dobby Talking Plush has become one of my son’s favorite toys. The Dobby Talking Plush is from Wow! Stuff. They have some other really cool Harry Potter toys as well including the Tom Riddle’s Diary! This Dobby Talking Plush says 6 classic phrases from the Harry Potter films!

Dobby Talking Plush

Dobby Talking Plush

The Dobby Talking Plush is approximately 15 inches tall when he is standing. Batteries are included. The batteries are located inside a velcro area on his back. That is also where his “voice” box is. Dobby is recommended for ages 3 years and older. I love that the velcro isn’t very easy to open for little ones. I know when my kids were younger, they would like to remove batteries from their toys for some reason.

Dobby Talking Plush

Dobby Has Poseable Limbs!

This is one of the things that my son loves about him. Yes, you can pose his arms and legs! Because of this, my son can easily make him stand or sit in place. He can even make him wave. I just love his big feet.

Dobby Talking Plush

So What does Dobby say?

There are 6 different phrases that he can say. Because I don’t want to ruin any surprises, I won’t say all the lines. But some of my son’s favorites are, “Dobby is a free elf!”, and “Dobby must save Harry Potter.” I really love that his voice sounds authentic. It’s like the lines came right out of the movies.

I found Dobby sitting on my shelf with my wands the other day. Must have been a good place for my son to leave him before school. Or maybe Dobby thought my wand collection needed some cleaning? Although I did dust and clean them last week so…

We Love Our House Elf!

Well, technically Dobby is Harry Potter’s house elf until he set him free. But we are happy to have Dobby in our house. My son loves him. Just a little press on his belly and he talks. Here lately he’s been carrying him around with him. Usually when it’s relaxing time when he reads or watches YouTube videos on his Chromebook. There is an on/off switch which I really appreciate because he likes to sleep with him. That way Dobby is talking all night.

Final Thoughts…

Dobby is made really well. His eyes are a hard plastic but everything else is soft. This Dobby plush is also cuddly too. The battery/voice box is so small that you don’t even notice it in his belly area. I just adore his burlap sack he wears. And of course we love that his arms and legs are poseable! I recommend the Dobby Talking Plush for any Harry Potter fan. He’s super cute and fun to play with!

Buy It: You can buy this Dobby Talking Plush now on Amazon! He has a retail price of $34.99 (USA) or $59.99 (Canada). If you are in Canada, you can also find it at Indigo and EB Games. There are some other really cool Harry Potter toys and merchandise from Wow! Stuff on Amazon as well!

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Dobby Talking Plush
Dobby Talking Plush
Dobby Talking Plush
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