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JamBrites Bluetooth Speaker Pets from Jay @ Play Review

JamBrites Bluetooth Speaker Pets

The JamBrites Bluetooth Speaker Pets are so much fun! They are from [email protected] and are recommended for ages 5 years and older. There are a few different pets to choose from. We have a puppy and a monkey. I saw the kitty and unicorn at the store just the other day. My youngest absolutely loves these JamBrites Speaker Pets because there are a few ways to play! Each JamBrite comes with a charging cable and a wristband. You should check out my review of the PlayBrites from [email protected]. They are pretty fun too!

JamBrites Bluetooth Speaker Pets

JamBrites Puppy

The JamBrites Puppy is blue. It comes with a blue wristband. Not only do JamBrites light up in different colors, they also make animal sounds. The puppy will bark and whine in a few different ways depending on it’s mood. Yes, mood. I will get to that shortly.

JamBrites Bluetooth Speaker Pets

JamBrites Monkey

Just like all JamBrites, the monkey also lights up in different colors. It is orange and comes with an orange wristband. It makes a few different monkey noises depending on what his mood is too. Sometimes this monkey can get a little crazy when he is upset!

Charging Your JamBrites

First of all, you shouldn’t leave your JamBrites on the charger once they are fully charged. Leaving them on longer can deteriorate the battery. Flip the switch to power it on and connect the mini/micro USB cable that came with your JamBrites into the charging port. Then connect the other USB end to the USB port on your computer or USB charger. When they are charging, there will be a red light around the charging port on the JamBrites. The red light will turn off once they are fully charged.

I wish the charging cables were a little longer. However, I do appreciate the short cable if we are charging via computer or laptop. That way the cable doesn’t get in the way. For the most part, we charge with our USB outlet chargers. I always recommend using charging cables that came with a product but one of the cables wouldn’t fit right in the JamBrites. That could have been because my son accidentally stepped on the cable when he dropped it. So we used our micro USB charging cables we have for our phones.

JamBrites Bluetooth Speaker Pets

Playing with JamBrites

To play with your JamBrites Bluetooth Speaker Pets, flip the power switch to ON. The switch has an ON/OFF and bluetooth mode. For bluetooth mode, you will see the bluetooth symbol. But to just play with your JamBrites, you need to just have it switched to ON. JamBrites light up in different colors for different needs or moods. Pink is happy. Red is angry. Yellow is hungry. Green is OK. They also light up green when you feed them. Blue is sad and lastly, purple is tired. When they are tired, they will yawn and fall asleep if you leave them alone.

JamBrites Bluetooth Speaker Pets

They are Posable Too!

My son loves that you can move their legs, arms/paws and head. Because of that, he can have them sit or stand on two legs or all four. I just love the little tuffs of “hair” on top of their heads. Anyway, you can touch the back of their heads to pet them. If they are hungry, all you have to do is touch their mouth. They will even make sounds when they eat! They also make sad sounds and happy sounds too. The puppy can really get his barking going. They will also change color and make sounds when they hear clapping or loud noises. The monkey got angry once after my son clapped so he had to make him happy again.

Wrist Bands

The wrist bands for the JamBrites Bluetooth Speaker Pets are completely optional. There is a slot underneath the JamBrites and you just slide the band through. The bands are completely adjustable and can fit just about any wrist size.

JamBrites Bluetooth Speaker Pets

My son says they are comfortable to wear although he prefers not to wear them. But if your child prefers to wear them, they are pretty easy to put on and clasp. All you basically do is press the peg that’s on the one end into the hole on the band that fits most comfortably.

JamBrites Bluetooth Speaker Pets

Using the Bluetooth Speaker

The front of the JamBrites Bluetooth Speaker Pets is a speaker. It’s the black area on the front of the pet. To use it as a speaker, switch to bluetooth mode. On your device, make sure you have bluetooth turned on. Then select “Jambrites” from your bluetooth menu to connect. It should connect to any device that has bluetooth.

The speaker sounds pretty good for being a toy. It actually sounds better than my son’s phone or tablet speakers. So of course he likes using it. While the JamBrites is connected, it will change colors to the beat of the music! Just in case you are wondering, you can only pair one JamBrites to a device at a time. My son has two of them and yes, he tried to connect both at the same time.

JamBrites Bluetooth Speaker Pets

Final Thoughts…

I think these JamBrites Bluetooth Speaker Pets are really cute! My son really loves them. He plays with them all the time and I am surprised at how long they hold a charge. He has played with them almost every day and it took about a week before he had to charge them again. I think the speaker sounds pretty good. I mean, for a toy I was amazed at how well the sound is from the speaker. We love that there are multiple ways to play with them. My son loves that he can pet and feed them. The moods and sounds are pretty fun! 

There are five different ones you can buy. In addition to the puppy and monkey, there is also the kitty and unicorn as previously mentioned. The fifth one is the sloth. As soon as I find the sloth, I am getting it for myself! I am obsessed with sloths.

Buy It:

You can buy JamBrites on their website. They have a retail price of $19.99. However, they are also now available at Target stores! I recently saw them at my local Meijer store just the other day too!

JamBrites Website



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JamBrites Bluetooth Speaker Pets
JamBrites Bluetooth Speaker Pets
JamBrites Bluetooth Speaker Pets
JamBrites Bluetooth Speaker Pets
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