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Rubik’s Tilt Digital Rubik’s Cube Handheld Review

Rubik's Tilt Digital Rubik's Cube Handheld

We recently checked out the Rubik’s Tilt Digital Rubik’s Cube Handheld. One thing about this version of the Rubik’s Cube is that it prevents you from cheating. I remember removing the colored tile stickers and replacing them back on the cube one time and telling my mom I solved it. Hey, now. I was like 5 at the time! The Rubik’s Tilt Rubik’s Cube Handheld is from Super Impulse. My kids love their little toys. They have tiny games, tiny arcade games, and they even have the world’s smallest Hotwheels.

Rubik's Tilt Digital Rubik's Cube Handheld

Rubik’s Tilt Digital Rubik’s Cube Handheld

Rubik’s Tilt Handheld is controlled my motion. Yes, there are a few buttons but for the most part, you actually twist, tilt, and turn the handheld to move the rows on the cube. The screen is a little small on the handheld. However, the cube is kind of floating on a black screen so despite how small the screen is, it is easy to see. The colors of the digital cube is also pretty vibrant so you can see the colors clearly.

Rubik's Tilt Digital Rubik's Cube Handheld

Getting Started

When you turn the handheld on, the startup screen has a few options. There are settings, instructions and start. The first time my son played it, he started with the instructions and it shows a short video on how to play.

There are a few buttons on the back of the handheld. The A button is your UP button, the C button is the DOWN button, and the B button is the back button which will allow you to go back a screen. The lone D button on the other side is the Select button.

The settings include the level, sound level, timer, sensitivity, and hints. Yes, people. There are HINTS! That’s one thing you don’t have with a regular Rubik’s Cube. If hints make you feel like you are cheating, you can turn the hints off. You can also set how often hints show up if you leave them on. The first time we played, the level was set to beginner by default. You can change the level for your own skill level. In addition, you can also change the movement sensitivity. 

Playing Rubik’s Tilt

Using the button on the back, you can select which horizontal or vertical row you want to turn. Then you can tilt the handheld, turn it (like a steering wheel) or turn it side to side to turn or flip the row. You can also turn the whole face of the cube by holding all three buttons down while turning or flipping the handheld.

There isn’t much to this game. You either solve the puzzle or you don’t. However, it will save progress or achievements along the way. I thought that was pretty cool. That way you can see how your puzzle solving skills are improving. You can always change the level of difficulty and toggle the timer on and off.

Final Thoughts…

I personally think the Rubik’s Tilt Digital Rubik’s Cube is pretty cool. I am usually pretty good at puzzle games but the Rubik’s Cube has always been my achilles heel. Rubik’s Tilt is a great way to improve your Rubik’s Cube and puzzle solving skills with the hints that you can turn on or turn off. My son and I had fun trying to beat each other’s time provided that either one of us solved it. He felt pretty good about himself when he solved it for the first time.

Yep, little dude solved it in like 20 minutes the first time. We adjusted how often the hints showed up so that they didn’t show up very often. Unfortunately it still took me more than 20 minutes to solve it. However, I did finally solve the Rubik’s Cube with the Rubik’s Tilt. I feel like I had just accomplished something huge. I think the Rubik’s Tilt Digital Rubik’s Cube Handheld is a fun way to pass time. My son thinks it’s pretty cool.

One last thing that I thought was pretty nifty is that you can also re-shuffle the cube if you need too. All you have to do is hold the D button down and shake the handheld for a few seconds. I like this idea instead of re-starting back at the home screen.

Rubik's Tilt Digital Rubik's Cube Handheld

Buy It:

The Rubik’s Tilt Digital Rubik’s Cube Handheld retails for $24 and you can find it at stores like Target and Walmart. You can also buy it on Amazon as well.



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Rubik's Tilt Digital Rubik's Cube Handheld
Rubik's Tilt Digital Rubik's Cube Handheld
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