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Tom Riddle’s Diary from Wow! Stuff Review

Tom Riddle's Diary

Tom Riddle’s Diary from Wow! Stuff is really cool! My son loves this diary. You can write with invisible ink that is only visible with a UV light! He’s currently obsessed with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. He’s the last of my kiddos to read the Harry Potter books which he has started. Because of that, my youngest Potterhead became obsessed with anything Harry Potter related. And again, the Tom Riddle’s Diary is super cool!

Tom Riddle's Diary

What Comes with the Set?

Included is Tom Marvolo Riddle’s Diary. Also included is a pen marker and a UV light wand. The light wand is actually designed to be attached to a key ring as well which is pretty cool. However, a key ring is not included. Batteries are included in the wand light and they can easily be replaced when needed. It requires three of those tiny LR41 batteries.

Tom Riddle's Diary

The marker pen has invisible ink. It’s green with the logo of the House of Slytherin. Which makes sense of course because after all, it is Tom Riddle’s Diary. The UV Wand light resembles Harry Potter’s Wand. There is a UV light at the end of it and a button to push to light it up.

Tom Riddle's Diary

Writing in the Diary

I love the pen, it writes evenly and smoothly. However, you can’t really tell until you shine the UV light on it. I think it’s pretty cool because the invisible ink doesn’t show up at all. I mean, you seriously can’t see it. We have had other invisible marker things where you can at least see some kind of residue. Or you see it and then disappears after it’s dry. Not this pen. There isn’t anything you can see that would even indicate you wrote anything!

Tom Riddle's Diary

I think it’s pretty cool how well the invisible ink works although it can sometimes make it hard to write. If you can’t see what you are writing and get distracted, you may forget where exactly you left off on the page.

Tom Riddle's Diary

My son thinks it’s the coolest thing ever. Period.

He doesn’t seem to have a problem writing in it though. The first time he wrote in it, he wasn’t sure what to write. I think that was because I kind of put him on the spot. Our dog, Oscar was currently tearing through the house because our daughter was getting ready to take him outside. So he just wrote, “My dog is crazy. And weird.” That he is, that he is.

Tom Riddle's Diary

I see him writing in it all the time. I asked him what he was writing one day and he tells me, “Muggles aren’t allowed.” Ha! What?! So I said, “I clearly belong in the House of Gryffindore so I can’t possibly be a Muggle.” When he told me I never got my letter to Hogwart’s, I reminded him that he didn’t either. And of course he had a comeback for that one too. “Harry Potter didn’t get his letter until his 11th birthday so I have another year to wait!”.

Very true, son. You got me.

Tom Riddle's Diary

Final Thoughts…

Yes that is “He who must not be named’s” wand. Eh, I’m not afraid to say his name. It’s Voldemort’s. I have a collection of replica wands I am obsessed with. Anyway, I think this Diary is awesome. It’s not made of leather but it looks like it. I really love that they made it to look as authentic as possible including how it’s supposed to look like it’s meant to be read backward.

Tom Riddle's Diary

The ink is fabulous! I do love that you can’t even tell at all that anything is even written in it. If you do have an issue with writing because you can’t see the ink at all, you can always hold the UV light on the pages so you can. The UV light works really well too. Just don’t forget to say Lumos!

The age recommendations are 8 years and older. If you have a Harry Potter fan, I highly recommend Tom Riddle’s Diary. My son does too!

Buy It:

Tom Riddle’s Diary retails for $17.99 in the US and $24.99 in Canada. You can now buy it on Amazon along with some other really cool Harry Potter merchandise from Wow! Stuff. Such as the Talking Plush Dobby! If you are in Canada, you can also find it at Indigo and EB Games.

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Tom Riddle's Diary
Tom Riddle's Diary
Tom Riddle's Diary
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    I also collect wands, too. My son bought me a “real” wand that controls our tv. I would also call this a small “real” wand. I’m off to amazon to buy it now.
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