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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

This is our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for kids! I will also be putting together a Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Stocking Stuffer version in the next few days. Keep a look out for that one as well. In this guide, you will find a lot of toys that my kids are really into right now. I have also posted a full review of all of them so I will leave a link so you can check them out in more detail. In addition, I will also leave retail and where to buy info.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Boxy Girls

Boxy Girls Dolls

First in my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids is…

Boxy Girls Dolls are really fun. My daughter absolutely loves them! They are really cute too. Each doll comes with surprise shipping boxes that contain accessories. Because they come with these shipping boxes, they are really fun. In addition, if you don’t want more dolls, you can purchase packages of just the shipping boxes. They are a lot of fun to open! You can but them at Target and Walmart.

Prices vary from $10 – $15 which also makes them pretty affordable! See my full review here.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Cry Babies Magic Tears

Cry Babies Magic Tears Mini Bottle Houses

Cry Babies magic Tears Mini Bottle Houses are a lot of fun. And these mini dolls take adorable on a whole other level. Each one is dressed in animal PJ’s and are so cute! All of them come with 8 accessories. Two of them are exclusive to that specific doll. The dolls are a surprise. You never know which on you are going to get which makes them that much more fun! You might even find some rare golden accessories! In addition, they cry real tears with water. You can buy these mini houses at Target stores.

Retail price is $9.99 each. See my full review here

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Cry Babies Magic Tears

Cry Babies Magic Tears Baby Dolls

Cry Babies magic Tears Baby Dolls are super adorable too. Unlike the mini dolls, these ones also make noises. Their cooing and baby babble is really cute. These dolls also cry real tears too if you add water. When they cry, they not only make tears, they also make crying sounds! They are seriously too cute but at the same time, it makes you kind of sad for them. My daughter loves these dolls too. You can make them stop crying by putting her pacifier back in her mouth. Or you can lay her back and soothe her to make her stop. When she stops, she goes back to her happy cooing and babbling. You can buy these dolls at Target and Walmart. Some of them are exclusive to each store.

Retail price is $14 – $24 depending on which doll you buy and where you bought it at. See full review here.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Talking Dobby Plush

Talking Dobby Plush

If you have any Harry Potter fans, the Talking Dobby Plush is really fun! My son loves his Dobby. He says 6 different phrases from the Harry Potter films. Because his limbs are poseable, it makes him even more fun. He’s cuddly too. My son often sleeps with him. And because of that, I am glad he has an on/off switch. If you can’t find him at the store, he is available on Amazon along with some other cool Harry Potter toys.

Retail price is $34.99. See my full review here.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Tom Riddles Diary

Tom Riddles Diary

Tom Riddles Diary is perfect for any Harry Potter fan. And by that I mean, kids and adults would both like it. I admit it, I love it myself. My son and I have a lot of fun with it. However, he took it over completely and told me, “No muggles allowed!”. I need to buy another because it would go perfectly with my other Harry Potter collectibles. It comes with and invisible ink pen. That way you can write in the diary and no one can see it. You can use the UV wand light to reveal massages written in it! The pen doesn’t leave any kind of residue either so you can’t tell at all if anything is even written on the pages. If you can find this in the store, it is available on Amazon along with some other really cool Harry Potter toys!

Retail price is $17.99. See my full review here.

foam alive

Foam Alive

Foam Alive is really cool! This stuff doesn’t just have to be for kids right? I mean, I like playing with it too! This stuff is really neat. It kind of moves like sand but it doesn’t feel like sand at all. It’s really light and fluffy. The great thing is that it is mess free. Meaning that it’s not sticky at all. Of course little pieces can be dropped but I can tell you it is very easy to clean up. You can dab it all up off the tabletop too. It never dries out which is a huge bonus.

We keep our son’s in a container. He also has these colorful polished rocks that he put in there. I guess so he can go “treasure hunting”. I can also be molded but it will start moving and breaking apart pretty quickly. It’s mesmerizing to watch! I think it’s amazing for sensory play. You can but it at stores like Target, Walmart, and Meijer.

Retail price is roughly $5-$6. It comes in three colors. I just picked up a few more of them at Meijer the other day for $5 each. See my full review here.

club petz spitzy the llama

Club Petz Spitzy the Llama

We are obsessed with llamas in our house. My son adores his Spitzy the Llama. This llama is so funny too. It makes a lot of fun chewing sounds. It’s mouth even moves in a chewing motion. I will say, he can be a pretty annoying chewer. But he’s still a lot of fun. The chewing motion he makes with his mouth is kind of realistic too. It’s actually a little uncanny. The llama is also really soft. He has this crazy laugh and it brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it because it’s so funny! Add a little water and Spitzy can spit too! Spitzy is only available at Target. You can find other Club Petz animals too.

Retail price is $24.99. See my full review here.


Twinkle PlayBrites

My son has an original PlayBrites (a shark) that displays a bunch of different shapes. He also has a couple of the Twinkle PlayBrites. He plays with them all the time. The face pieces can be mix and matched too. Because of that, he can create some really interesting animals! The Twinkle PlayBrites change color to the beat of music. That’s another thing that is a little different from the original ones. You can also take them apart to have a light show on your walls and ceiling. Sometimes my son’s bedroom looks like a disco party up there! You can get these at stores like Walmart, Target, H-E-B, and Dollar General.

Retail price is $19.99 each. See my full review here.

jambrites bluetooth speaker pets

JamBrites Bluetooth Speaker Pets

JamBrites Bluetooth Speaker Pets are really cool too. Not only are they cool, they are really cute and fun to play with. Firstly, you can play with them by caring for them. They change color according to their mood. You can pet them and feed them. They are also poseable and they make animal sounds. My son loves connecting them to his phone to use them as a speaker. They also light up to the beat of the music! Secondly, they also come with a wristband so you can wear them. Which of course is completely optional! I just adore their “hair” on the top of their heads. My son is constantly playing with them. The speaker sounds pretty good too for being a toy! You can get them at stores like Target and Meijer.

Retail price is $19.99 each. You can get a puppy, kitty, unicorn, monkey or sloth! See my full review here.

pokemon elite trainer box

Pokemon Trainer Box

There are a few Pokemon items I have included in my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids this year.

If you have a kiddo that likes to play Pokemon TCG, these Pokemon Elite Trainer Boxes are perfect to get started. My son has one of the Unbroken Bonds Trainer Boxes. There are a few different ones that are themed differently depending on the card series that are inside each one. Each box comes with 8 booster card packs, tons of energy cards, card sleeves, and dice and condition markers. The box is really durable and can be used as a storage box. In addition, it comes complete with a players guide and card checklist.

If your kiddo is only a collector, you might want to pass on this one. But if they are a card player, I highly recommend it! You can get these at most stores. If they sell Pokemon cards, chances are, they have these trainer boxes. I have the best luck finding them at Target or Meijer.

Retail price is around $38. See my full review here.

pokemon theme decks

Pokemon Theme Decks

Pokemon Theme Decks are a complete, playable 60 card deck. These are really great if you aren’t too sure how to build a playable deck. The deck list is on the back of the package too. These are really awesome for card players for that reason. They also come with a play mat, and condition and damage markers. These could also be great for collectors too since they come stacked with cards they may or may not have in the series. Again, you can find them at most stores that sell Pokemon cards. However, I usually have the best luck finding them at stores like Target and Meijer.

Retail price is $11-$12. See my full review here.

pokemon tag team gx tins

Pokemon Tag Team GX Tins

There are three new Pokemon Tag Team GX Tins. One features Mewtwo & Mew, another features Lucario & Melmetal and the third one features Garchomp & Giratina. My son has the Garchomp & Giratina tin. Each tin comes with the featured Tag Team GX card so you are guaranteed a GX in each tin. These GX cards has special art and the only way to get these cards with the new art is in these tins. Each tin comes with 4 booster packs. Two of which are Unified Minds. Another is Lost Thunder and the last one is Evolutions.

They also come with a heavy duty metal GX tag team marker. They are worth it just for the GX card alone for collectors. It really made it worth it when my son pulled another tag team GX card from his Unified Minds booster packs. Again, you can buy these at most stores that sell Pokemon cards. And again, I have the most luck at Target and Meijer. I just found the Lucario & Melmetal at Meijer and got it for him for Christmas. We are still on the hunt for that Mewtwo tin though!

Retail price is $24.99 each. See my full review here.

magic the gathering faceless menace deck

Magic The Gathering Commander Decks

My daughter loves these Magic The Gathering Commander Decks. She recently got the Faceless Menace Deck and she’s pretty happy with it. It is a 100 card deck and comes complete with three different foil commander cards. Since it comes with 100 cards, my daughter says it’s pretty easy to build a 60 card deck around any of the three commanders. These decks are really great for players that don’t like to completely build a deck from scratch. You can buy these at stores like Target, Walmart, Meijer, hobby stores, game stores, etc.

Retail price is roughly $35-$40 depending on where you buy. I saw some on Amazon the other day for only $30. See my full review here.

topps fire 2019 baseball cards

2019 Topps Fire Baseball Cards

At first I wasn’t sure if I should put these in my stocking stuffer guide or not. These 2019 Topps Fire Baseball Jumbo packs would certainly be perfect for stockings! However, you can also buy boxes which is what I did for my boys for Christmas. They love collecting baseball cards. They really like the design of the Topps Fire Cards. Included in the set, there are 200 base cards to collect and tons of different inserts and parallels. Inside each jumbo pack, you are guaranteed at least one blue chip parallel. My son was really excited that he hit on three in one pack!

You can buy the Topps Fire 2019 Baseball cards at stores like Target, Walmart, Meijer and hobby stores. The Fat Packs are around $4.00 – $5.00 each. The Blaster Box (7 packs plus 1 bonus pack) is $19.99, and the collector Box (20 packs with one autograph card) $69.99. See my full review here.

moluk toys

MOLUK from Play Monster Toys

These MOLUK toys are very innovative! I am happy to include them in my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. It’s a great way to power your child’s imagination too. In addition, they allow your child’s creativity to grow, promotes fine motor skills and are also wonderful for stimulation and sensory play. The great thing is that they grow with your child! From babies to toddlers to ages like 10 to even 14. My 10 year old is obsessed with them. My 14 year old plays with them sometimes too when he’s playing with his brother. They are tactile and there are tons of suction cups.

They can stick to themselves, to tabletops, walls and of course, bathroom mirrors. I walked in one day and had a bunch of Oogies stuck on my mirror. But there are so many different MOLUK toys that you can purchase to go together. Your child can created all kinds of different scenes. My son likes to call them his sculptures.

All MOLUK toys are available on Amazon. The Oogi Family Pack has a list price of $29.99. The single Oogis range from $8 to $10. They even have glow in the dark ones and a Pilla. That one resembles a caterpillar. I am going to have so much fun shopping for more of these MOLUK Toys from PlayMonster! In addition, the Nigi, Nagi, & Nogi teething rings have a list price of $14.99. See my full review here.

goo on my shoe board game

Goo on my Shoe Board Game

Next on my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids is the Goo on my Shoe Board Game. This game has recently became one of my kids’ favorites to play. Did you know that this game was invented by a 10 year old? Yep! My own 10 year old thought that was pretty darn cool. It’s actually pretty inspiring. Anyway, the game pieces are shoes and the point is to avoid any goo that is on the board. Yes, real goo. Don’t worry, the good that comes with the game isn’t messy or sticky. It’s like a putty.

If a player lands on a space with goo, they have to add it to their shoe. There can be more than one goo on a space too which means they end up with all of it on their shoes. Land on a color that matches your piece, you can remove one. Land on another players color, and you have to add one. During game play, more goo can be added to the board too. It’s really fun to play! You can get it at specialty stores or buy it on Amazon!

Retail price is $19.99. See my full review here.

rubik's tilt handheld

Rubik’s Tilt Handheld

The Rubik’s Tilt Handheld is a new twist on the Rubik’s Cube. The handheld has a little screen displaying the cube floating on a back background. Even though the display is rather small, it’s easy to see. It even has hints if you need them! What my son thinks is cool about it is that it’s controlled by motion. You have to twist, turn or tilt the handheld to move the selected rows on the cube. It also has different difficulty levels too. At least with this one, you can cheat and remove the colored panel stickers and replace them correctly on the cube! You can find it at stores like Target and Walmart and also buy it on Amazon as well.

Retail price is $24. See my full review here.

santa's dog

Santa’s Dog Book

I have included a few books in my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids. The first one is Santa’s Dog.

Santa’s Dog by JoAnn Sky is truly a wonderful story. Even though it’s a children’s story, it filled my eyes with tears because it is such a heartwarming and heartfelt story between a dog and his family. Lance falls from Santa’s sleigh one Christmas Eve. He ends up at a local animal shelter when a military family comes in to adopt him. He eventually has to make a tough decision the following year. Stay with his new family that he has grown to love, or go back home with Santa. I really love this story. Our pets just aren’t pets. They are family. It’s about being there for one another when times are tough, love, and family.

Be sure to check out Dogs & Books online. They give a portion of their book sales to charities that support animal rescue causes and shelter animals! Book list price $16.95. See my full review here.

carol's quest for courage

Carol’s Quest for Courage

The second book in my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids is Carol’s Quest for Courage.

Carol’s Quest for Courage is the second book in the Santa’s Dog series by JoAnn Sky. We loved the first one so of course we loved this one too. Carol is one of Santa’s dogs. He has 100 of them! Carol loves to sing but she has stage freight. She decides to leave the North Pole on a quest to find courage. Eventually while on her journey, she comes upon a Jamboree and so she decides to stop. She sees a little girl on the stage who was too afraid to sing. She decides the little girl needs help more than she needs to find her own courage. But maybe by helping, she finds her courage in the end.

I feel like Carol’s Quest is about learning that it’s okay to be afraid. And it’s important to at least try and to never give up. It’s also about helping others even if you don’t know them. Great story about perseverance, friendship, love and helping others. Be sure to check out Dogs & Books online. Book list price $14.95. They give a portion of their book sales to charities that support animal rescue causes and shelter animals! Book retail price $16.95. See my full review here.

second chance sam

Second Chance Sam

The third book in my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids is Second Chance Sam.

We really loved Second Chance Sam: King of the Junkyard. We fully support pet adoption and believe it’s best to adopt and not shop. I really like this story because it reminds me of all those Senior dogs in shelters that aren’t adopted as quickly as younger dogs are. We adopted our dog, Oscar almost a year ago. He wasn’t a Senior dog but he wasn’t a puppy either. He’s just over about 3 years old now. I remember seeing his information at the shelter about how he was there for 45 days. It always tugs at my heartstrings!

I also love this story because it’s also about second chances. Not everything has to be shiny and new. Even old things and old dogs can find love and be loved. We really enjoyed the story about how Sam found friends, a purpose, and of course – love!

Be sure to check out Dogs & Books online. Book list price $15.95. They give a portion of their book sales to charities that support animal rescue causes and shelter animals! Book retail price $16.95. See my full review here.

Panini Prizm 2019 NFL Trading Cards

My son loves collecting NFL football cards and the only ones he cares to collect at the Panini Prizm cards. These cards are really neat and they are pretty heavy duty too. In the 2019 set, there are 300 base cards. In addition to the base set are a lot of different parallels and insert cards as well. The Blaster boxes are really awesome because there are at least 3 Rookie cards per box. Plus the Blaster boxes also includes 3 exclusive Disco parallels and 1 Memorabilia card.

My son really loves these boxes because of the guaranteed parallels and Memorabilia card. He was pretty happy with his most recent box. I got a couple other parallels and inserts, plus 4 rookies instead of 3!

You can buy these Panini Prizm 2019 NFL Blaster Boxes at Target and Walmart. The retail price per box is $19.99. At Walmart you can get the Blaster Boxes with Bronze Laser parallels and at Target you can get the Blaster Boxes with the Disco parallels. You can also buy these Blaster Boxes on Amazon and I believe you can get either version there. See full review here.

Meltdown Game

Meltdown from PlayMonster is one of our new favorite games. My kids love this one! It comes with a tower, putty, a die, and tons of green cubes. You roll the putty into a ball and place it on the tower. There is a platform that sits on top of the ball of putty. Then each player takes turns placing their cubes on the platform. Because the platform is sitting on top of a ball of putty, the platform is constantly shifting which means cubes can fall at any time. If any cubes fall on a player’s turn, they have to take the fallen cubes. First player to run out of cubes wins! What makes it even more fun is that the cubes and platform are designed to be slippery. Not slippery to the touch but makes it easy for the cubes to slip off!

On another note, don’t worry about the putty. It’s not sticky or messy at all. You can buy the Meltdown Game from PlayMonster on Amazon, at Walmart, and Kohls. Retail price is $17.99. You can also buy it on PlayMonster’s website as well. Be sure to stop by for more information about this game. See full review here.

Bellies Baby Dolls

The Bellies Baby Dolls are really cute! These dolls are from [email protected] and there are 6 dolls to choose from. There is even a set of twins! Each one has their own personality too. There are many ways you can play with them and they also come with their own surprises. Each doll comes complete with a baby bottle, pacifier, and an adorable blanket that matches their own personality.

You can hear their heartbeat, listen to them say their name, find a surprise in their diaper and look for their birthmark! They also make the most adorable baby babble sounds. Their pacifier is also magnetic so it’s easy to give them their paci. My daughter loves that they are interactive!

You can buy The Bellies Baby Dolls on Amazon and they are also available in Target stores. They have a retail price of $29.99. The other Bellies Dolls include Yumi Yummy who loves food, Bobby Boo who likes to scare people, Pink Twink who happens to be a handful, and lastly there is Muak Muak who loves a challenge. See full review here.


As mentioned previously, in addition to my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids, I will be posting a separate 2019 Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide in the next few days. So keep a look our for that one as well!

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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids
2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids
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