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Meltdown Game from PlayMonster Review

Meltdown Game from PlayMonster

This Meltdown Game from PlayMonster is really fun. My kids love it. My family loves games and board games. We like to gift our kids new games as often as we can. New games under the tree are always a hit. The Meltdown Game from PlayMonster is another favorite in our house!

It’s even fun to play with a little twist with the items we received in our Meltdown Kit! The party popper is a nice distraction and so is waving the rally towel. I will get to more of that after I tell you about this game. Oh, and just in case anyone had some extra stress waiting on their turn, we also had a stress ball.

Meltdown Game from PlayMonster

Included With the Game

Included with the game is a tower, a bunch of cubes (I think there is 24), a die, a platform, and a canister of putty. The tower can be used as a storage container for everything that is included with the game. Everything fits really easily too. 

Meltdown Game from PlayMonster

The Putty

The putty comes in packaging and after you open it up and remove it, you can store it in the container that comes with the game. I am very happy to say that the putty is not sticky at all. It’s not runny either. It is designed to be molded and rolled into a ball for game play. It’s also designed to have a good shelf life so as long as you store it in it’s container while not in play, it should last a good long while.

We have only had this game for a couple weeks so after a few months, I will add an update on the putty’s life.

Meltdown Game from PlayMonster

Getting Ready to Play

When you are getting ready to play firstly, split up the green cubes evenly among the players. The Meltdown Game from PlayMonster can be played with 2-4 players. Secondly, roll the putty into a ball. You can actually mold it any way you want but game play works much better if it’s in a ball. Lastly, place the putty on top of the tower with the platform balancing on top of the ball of putty. Then you are ready to play!

How to Play

The game play is pretty simple. Each player takes turns rolling the die. The die will tell you how many of your cubes to place on top of the platform. The player that runs out of cubes first wins. If any cubes fall on a player’s turn, that player has to add the fallen cubes to their own pile of cubes.

What makes the Meltdown Game from PlayMonster so fun is that the platform is constantly moving. The weight of the cubes makes the putty lose it’s shape. Therefore, you have to be strategic in how you place your cubes on top. As an added bonus, the cubes and platform are designed to be slippery. Not slippery to the touch but slippery in a way that the cubes can easily slide off!

Meltdown with a Twist

As previously mentioned, we received some fun items in our kit. These items are not sold with the game. I just thought I would mention that just in case anyone got the wrong idea. The party popper was really fun. Two of my kiddos were playing a game while the other stood back waiting to pop the popper at any moment. They had no idea when it was going to go. Of course when he popped it, they completely lost control of the game because they were laughing so hard!

Oh it was pretty funny especially when my husband came running into the dining room to see what happened. The look on his face was priceless. I think he might have thought we all lost our minds. The cleanup afterward was worth it!

Meltdown Game from PlayMonster

Final Thoughts…

Again, we love this game. It’s a lot of fun to play. We did notice that sometimes the putty ball will just go flat if players add cubes evenly on the platform. It wouldn’t be a big deal but if that happens, then the platform doesn’t really shift in a way to make cubes slide off. Any time that happens, my kids carefully removes the platform and balls up the putty again and replaces the platform.

It’s nothing that can be helped though. Because of that, my kids try to take turns fast so that the game ends without having to do that. We love it. And it makes it even more fun when you add extra twists to it like we did. Makes for a really fun family party game!

Buy It: You can buy the Meltdown Game from PlayMonster on Amazon, at Walmart, and Kohls. Retail price is $17.99. You can also buy it on PlayMonster’s website as well. Be sure to stop by for more information about this game.

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Meltdown Game from PlayMonster
Meltdown Game from PlayMonster
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