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Panini Prizm 2019 NFL Trading Cards Blaster Box Review

Panini Prizm 2019 NFL Blaster Box

My son loves his Panini Prizm 2019 NFL Trading Cards. He recently broke open a Panini Prizm 2019 NFL Blaster Box and was pretty happy with it. The Blaster Box contains 24 cards in total. There are 6 packs with 4 cards in each Blaster Box. What he loves about them is that each box guarantees at least 3 Rookies from the 2019 NFL Draft Class. Each Blaster also guarantees at least 3 Blaster Exclusive Disco Parallels and 1 Memorabilia Card.

I have to mention something about the exclusive parallels because there can be some confusion about them. We have noticed that the Blaster Boxes from Target includes the Disco parallels. The Blaster Boxes from Walmart contain the Bronze Laser parallels. The Disco and Bronze Laser parallels are only found in these Blaster Boxes. 

The Card Set

The Panini Prizm 2019 NFL Trading Card Set includes 300 base cards in total. There are at least 100 total Rookie cards in that set. This information by the way is from what my son told me. I believe there are 9 different parallels in addition to the base set. Some of the parallels include Red Wave, Blue Wave, Green Scope, and Silver. I previously mentioned the exclusive Disco and Bronze Laser parallels. There are a few others too but I can’t remember what they are. You may also find relics and autographs. In addition, there are the Memorabilia cards mentioned previously as well.

Panini Prizm 2019 NFL Blaster Box

Base Cards

Both my boys collect baseball cards but my middle son loves his football cards. I love the look of the Panini Prizm cards. I think that’s the main reason why he likes these particular football cards. Panini Prizm is the only type of football cards he cares to collect. Even the base cards look really neat. They are silver with team color accents which has a metallic look to them. Now even though the base cards have a silver edging, there is a difference between them and the Silver parallels. The Silver parallels shows multi rainbow-like colors when the light hits them. The base cards do not do that.

He was pretty happy to get a Geno Atkins. We are Cincinnati Bengals fans. Don’t worry guys, we have our paper bags this season! 

Silver Parallels

Since my son did hit on one Silver parallel, I can show you the difference in the above photo. He got a Silver Brett Favre which he was really excited about! As you can see, the Brett Favre is colorful when the light hits it while the Geno Atkins base card does not.

Rookie Cards

It is said that there is at least 3 Rookie cards inside each Blaster Box. However, my son ended up with 4 in his one box. He was pretty happy about that! He ended up with Jalen Hurd from the 49ers, Johnathan Abram from the Raiders, N’Keal Harry from the Patriots, and Juwann Winfree from the Broncos. One of them happened to also be one of his Disco parallel cards. He says it’s not that often that you find a Rookie parallel.

Panini Prizm 2019 NFL Blaster Box

Exclusive Disco Parallels

Of the three Disco parallels he ended up hitting on, his favorite is Zeke Elliott. As previously mentioned, the other is one of his Rookies and the last one is Warren Sapp from the Buccs.

There is a better look at them. We are Buckeye fans too and Zeke is still one of his favorite NFL players even though he’s a Cowboy and not a Bengal. He also hit on a Carlos Hyde as well although that one is just a base card.

Panini Prizm 2019 NFL Blaster Box

Here is a better look at one of the Disco parallels. My son loves these cards. He thinks they look pretty neat. Honestly, so do I. I like how they look when the light hits them. They really do look disco-ish. If that’s even a word.

Another thing about the parallels

One thing to note about the parallels is that all parallels will say “PRIZM” in the top corner on the back of the cards while the base cards do not. The same goes for the inserts. They don’t say “PRIZM” either. 

Panini Prizm 2019 NFL Blaster Box


In addition to the base cards and parallels, there are also Insert cards you can find in the Panini Prizm 2019 NFL Trading Card set. I am not sure how many different Inserts there are but a few are the Unstoppable cards, Hype cards and the Emergent cards like the one shown above. The only Insert card my son got in this box was one of the Emergent cards. He likes these cards because they are a little different than the base cards.

For example, the Emergent card that he got – James Conner from Pittsburgh tells how Conner emerged as a running back for the Steelers.

Panini Prizm 2019 NFL Blaster Box

Memorabilia Cards

My son thinks these Memorabilia Cards are really cool. These cards are thicker because enclosed (which you can also feel) has a piece of player worn material. Or rather a part of the player’s worn jersey.

Panini Prizm 2019 NFL Blaster Box

Here’s another look at it. He got Drew Lock from the Denver Broncos. It’s a really nice looking card. I actually think all the cards look pretty sharp.

Final Thoughts…

The Panini Prizm cards are the best ones to collect according to my son. I think the cards look pretty darn neat. They are also pretty heavy duty too for being collector/trading cards. He was hoping he would hit on some more parallels other than the exclusive ones and the one Silver one he got. But overall, he’s still pretty happy with the Blaster Box. In my opinion, the price is actually pretty good considering you are at least guaranteed 3 Rookie cards and a Memorabilia card. Of course the exclusive Disco parallels (or Bronze Laser) is a nice bonus.

Hopefully he will hit on some good parallels in the boxes we got him for Christmas.

Buy It: You can buy these Panini Prizm 2019 NFL Blaster Boxes at Target and Walmart. The retail price per box is $19.99. Remember, at Walmart you can get the Blaster Boxes with Bronze Laser parallels and at Target you can get the Blaster Boxes with the Disco parallels. You can also buy these Blaster Boxes on Amazon and I believe you can get either version there.



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Panini Prizm 2019 NFL Blaster Box
Panini Prizm 2019 NFL Blaster Box
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