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EarthKind Stay Away Rodent Repellent Review – Botanical Plant Based

EarthKind Stay Away Rodent Repellent

EarthKind Stay Away Rodent Repellent is amazing! They have a variety of Stay Away Pouch products and I have used a few of them in my house. Products such as Stay Away Spiders and they even have a Stay Away Mosquitoes spray that works phenomenally well. And I am being completely honest. It’s the only spray I like to use in the summer for my family. The number one reason that I love EarthKind products is because they are chemical free, contain no poisons, and are plant based.

EarthKind Stay Away Rodent Repellent

EarthKind Stay Away Pouches

EarthKind Stay Away Rodent Repellent is a pouch product. It contains fast acting ingredients which start working immediately. The ingredients include; Balsam fir oil, lavender oil, Spanish rosemary oil, cedar oil, orange oil, lemon oil, and plant fibers. They are environmentally friendly and also biodegradable. All you have to do is remove the staples in the cardboard to recycle. Then you can empty the contents of the pouch into your compost when it’s time to replace them.

No chemicals, no poison!

I love this because not only do they make them safer to use in your home, they won’t actually kill the rodents. Mice might be cute, but I don’t like them. I get creeped out by them. As much as I do not want them in my house, I also don’t want to hurt them. So for me, a repellent is the way to go. I will not buy those spring traps because I don’t want to hurt or kill them.

Because of that, one time I got some glue traps thinking that was a better way to go. I changed my mind on that after the first time we used them and now I refuse to use them too. I didn’t realize it at first but glue traps are just as harmful because mice can’t get unstuck from them very easily. So it doesn’t do any good to use them and toss them out of your house. To me, it’s even more cruel that way because they are stuck to the trap.

Thankfully the first mouse we trapped with one did get his foot unstuck after we scooped it up, (trap and all) into a shoe box. He ran free of the trap when we took the lid off the box outside since it was jumping around inside the box.

Where to place them?

You can use them anywhere rodents or rodent droppings are noticed. They are also safe to use them inside non-living areas such at attics, basements, garages, barns, storage areas and even inside your pantry. You can place one pouch per 8 square feet. That means maybe in your garage, you can use 4 but inside your pantry, you will only need to use one. You can also use them in enclosed spaces as well. Places like your camper, cars, trucks, tractors, etc.

EarthKind Stay Away Rodent Repellent

We had another mouse in our house a couple weeks ago. Which is kind of expected. We live in an old farmhouse out in the country. We have a couple barns and fields surrounding us so it’s no surprise when we see them. It’s usually only one here and there thankfully. I was sitting on the couch on night and saw something dart from my couch to my ottoman. I look over and there isn’t just one little mouse, there was two! Just sitting there. Looking at me. Again, they were cute, but I was afraid to move or put my feet down.

Where I placed my EarthKind Stay Away Rodent Pouches

Since we noticed these little guys in our living room, I placed one under my couch. They were often seen in that area at night picking up crumbs that were left behind because my husband and kids tend to drop a lot of crumbs while snacking in the living room. Ever since then, we have not seen them back. At all. I also placed one under my floor cabinets in my kitchen. The only other place we have ever seen one of these boogers was along the floor under the cabinets and behind the refrigerator. I haven’t seen any in my kitchen since then either.

I intend to purchase some more so I can place them in the basement and in the hallway walkway we have outside. My kids like to call it the outdoor hallway.

How long do they last?

The EarthKind Stay Away Rodent Repellent Pouches will last at least 30 days. Once the scent of them dissipate, you will know when to replace them. You can also purchase Pouch Pods to make any of the Stay Away Pouch products last up to three times longer. The pods are really cute and stylish too!

Final Thoughts…

I can honestly say the EarthKind Stay Away Rodent Repellent works amazingly well. Of course I am not really that surprised because all other EarthKind products I have used have always been really effective and work great. The scent of the Rodent Repellent Pouches are a light scent that smell pretty great too! They are safe to use, no bad chemicals, plant-based, and eco-friendly. Best of all – they really work!


Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post. However, I received free product mentioned in this post from EarthKind for my use and review.  All opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own. If you would like to be a sponsor in a giveaway or collaboration with DustinNikki Mommy of Three, please email Nicole Anderson at danderson35 (at) columbus (dot) rr (dot) com.

EarthKind Stay Away Rodent
EarthKind Stay Away Rodent
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