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Shaped Rubber Bands from Incredible Novelties Review

Shaped Rubber Bands

These Shaped Rubber Bands are really cool! My older kids were obsessed with these things a few years ago. Thanks to Incredible Novelties, these Shaped Rubber bands are back! Now my youngest is obsessed with them. There are quite a few varieties such as neon bands, glitter bands, and pearl bands. In addition, they also have Mystery bands as well. Included with the mystery bands, you could find all the varieties I have listed to include glow in the dark bands too!

The shapes include different types of animals. Animals can include sea creatures, zoo animals, wildlife animals and even dinosaurs! What makes these so cool? Well, first of all, the shapes are really fun. My son loves the different varieties although I think his favorite ones are the glow in the dark ones. Second of all, these can be stretched and still go back to their original shape!

Shaped Rubber Bands

Neon Shaped Bands

The Neon Shaped Rubber Bands are really bright colors such as green, blue, pink, purple and a few other colors. The animal shapes that were included with the neon bands were animals like ducks, dogs, cats and bunnies.

Shaped Rubber Bands

Pearl Shaped Bands

The Pearl Shaped Rubber Bands included animals of sea life. The colors are somewhat pastel colors in pink, purple, green, blue, yellow and even red. I personally think the pearl ones look really neat. They have a pearl-like shimmer to them.

Shaped Rubber Bands

Glitter Shaped Bands

With the Glitter Shaped Rubber Bands, we came across our first non-animal shape. These come in the same collection of colors. They are brighter than the pearl ones, however they are not as bright as the neon ones are. The non-animal shape we found in this package is a cactus. It’s actually really cute. There was also a unicorn, and a llama!

Even though these are glittery, the glitter is infused in the material. The glitter will not transfer onto anything.

Shaped Rubber Bands

Mystery Shaped Bands

The Mystery Shaped Rubber Bands come in surprise packaging unlike the others. Inside each pack of these, you can find all types of shapes and all types of the varieties. My kiddo was pretty happy to find a few of the glow in the dark ones!

There was one big difference when it came to the mystery packs and the regular packs. The bands in the regular packs had great shape to them. Some of the bands in the mystery packs kind of lost their shape. However, that has to do with how they are packaged. It’s not an issue with the bands themselves. My son didn’t seem to mind though. He could still easily tell what they were.

Glow in the Dark Bands

My son found the Glow in the Dark Bands in both his Mystery Bags.There were a couple dinosaurs, a unicorn and another cactus. They were all a really light green and yellow. I don’t know if there are other colors with the glow in the dark ones. We noticed that they do take quite a bit to charge sitting near a light. They will glow really well for about 20 minutes before they start to fade. I tried to get a photo of them in the dark but it didn’t work out so well.

Shaped Rubber Bands

Here is a better look at the neon, glitter and pearl bands.

How well do they hold their shape?

I say pretty well. Since my son plays with them constantly or wears them constantly, he says none of them have lost their shape. When you stretch them, they just go right back to what they were before when you un-stretch them.

Final Thoughts…

Again, these are fun to collect and trade. All the colors and shapes are really cool too! My son is always playing with these or wearing them. For the last few weeks, he’s always wearing some on his wrists. You can use these regular rubber bands too. Keep in mind, you can also flick them like regular rubber bands to so they may drive you nuts as a parent if your kiddo is making them fly all over the living room!

Buy It: You can find these at stores like Toys R Us, Mastermind, and Indigo. Be sure to check out Incredible Novelties brands and toys on their website!


Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. However, I received free product(s) mentioned in this post from a representative of Incredible Novelties in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own.

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Shaped Rubber Bands
Shaped Rubber Bands
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