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HairDooz Neonz Mini Dolls Surprise Bottles Review

HairDooz Neonz Mini Dolls

HairDooz Neonz Mini Dolls are super cute! Each mini doll comes in  a surprise bottle. There are multiple versions of each doll so not only are the dolls a surprise, their hairdos and outfits are also a complete surprise. In addition, they have a really sweet scent to them too. Their fruity scent smells really good! Not only are there HairDooz Neonz, there are also pastel HairDooz too. There are 24 to collect (12 for each collection) plus there are some rare ones like color changing hair or glow in the dark hair!

HairDooz Neonz Mini Dolls

HairDooz Neonz Dolls

There are 12 different HairDooz Neonz Mini Dolls. In addition, the Neonz also include a rare doll that has glow in the dark hair! After you remove the outer wrapper on the bottle, you swivel the bottle open to reveal the mini doll inside. Some may come with additional accessories. One of the recent one we got, one of them had a pair of heart shaped glasses. 

When you slide the bottle open, you basically just see the doll’s face. Her hair do is covered. Once you remove the purple piece above her head, you can see her hair style! Next, each doll is covered with a hair salon cape. Once you remove this, you can see which outfit she is wearing. The cape can be easily taken off and placed back on too. That way, she can sit in her chair so you can style her hair.

HairDooz Neonz Mini Dolls


Every doll comes with a salon chair, salon cape, a platform for the chair, and a suction cup. Some additional accessories may be included but not all dolls come with extras. We have a Sparkle doll (the one with pink and blue hair and a bow) that came with glasses. These can be taken off and easily put back on. They stay on really well too. The other two dolls, Lilly and Skye didn’t come with any extra accessories.

The Chair and Suction Cups

The chair can be removed from the platform it sits on and placed on the suction cup that comes with it. They can stick to just about any hard surfaces. There is a little post on the seat of the chair and two little holes on the dolls to hold them securely in the chair. 

HairDooz Neonz Mini Dolls

Because of how they sit, you can turn the chair so that the back of the chair becomes the seat putting the suction cup behind them. Once you do this, you can stick them on vertical surfaces! We thought that was pretty cool. My daughter has a couple of them on her mirror in her bedroom.

I happen to have one on my own mirror. Hey, I can be a kid and collect toys too, right?! In addition to being absolutely adorable, they have a nice fruity scent too like I like. They will stick really well to a window or mirror. We did find that you may have to put a drop of two of water on the suction cup first. After that, they stick great.

What are their names?

The names of the dolls in the HairDooz Neonz Mini Dolls collection includes Pixie, Sparkle, Crystal, Lilly, Skye, and Candy. And again, there are two different versions of each one. Each doll has two very completely hairstyles which also includes hair color. Each one also has a tiny “tattoo” on her cheek too. For example, Sparkle has a little tiny star on her cheek underneath her eye while Skye has a half moon. Lilly has a little flower. Their little marks matches or goes right along with their name.

HairDooz Neonz Mini Dolls

Final Thoughts…

Oh, these are so much fun to collect! The age recommendations are 5 years and older. Even older ages would have fun collecting these. My daughter and I both love the different textures of their hair too. While Sparkle has straight and smooth hair, Lilly’s hair feels and looks like string. Skye’s hair is really curly, soft and poofy. Because of the different textures and looks of the actual hair, I think they are even more fun. We also love the bright colors of these HairDooz Neonz Mini Dolls!

Of course surprise toys are always fun!

Buy It: You can get these HairDooz Mini Dolls at stores like Kmart and Walmart. You may even find them on Amazon as well. Approximate retail price $10-$14. Check their website for more information including other places to buy them.

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HairDooz Neonz Mini Dolls
HairDooz Neonz Mini Dolls
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