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Rubik’s Revolution Electronic Game Review

Rubik's Revolution Electronic Game

The Rubik’s Revolution Electronic Game is a lot of fun to play. Especially if you are bored. It keeps my kids entertained for a while. What am I saying? It relieves my boredom as well. It looks like it is around the size of a standard Rubik’s Cube. However, this is a cube that doesn’t have twist-able parts. It’s a solid cube that allows you to play 6 different fun electronic games. Like the Rubik’s Tilt Handheld, the Rubik’s Revolution Electronic Game is from Super Impulse.

Rubik's Revolution Electronic Game

The Cube

As previously mentioned, Rubik’s Revolution is a solid cube. Each side is a solid color; red, blue, yellow, white, orange, and green. In the center of each side, you will see an indentation. In these recesses, are colored light buttons. All the games require speed as you turn the cube over and over to press the colored buttons.

On the blue side of ours, we saw where the batteries go. This is also the side where the on and off switch is located. It does require 3 AAA batteries however, there are batteries included so that it is ready to play once you take it out of the package and switch it on.

Switching the Cube ON

When you switch the Rubik’s Revolution Electronic game on, you will see the colored lights. The cube will announce all games and tell you which color light to press for each game. This also makes the game selection pretty easy!

There are 6 different games you can play including one multiplayer game! I will go through each game below.

Rubik's Revolution Electronic Game

Light Speed (Blue Light)

Select Light Speed by pressing the blue light. Once you do that, you will hear a “ding” and lights will randomly light up somewhere else. Keep hitting as many lights as you can. If you miss one, you will hear a “buzz” sound. The whole time the game is going, you will hear a ticking clock kind of noise. As the game keeps going, the ticking gets faster. It kind of starts to make you want to go even faster. We love that about it because it makes the game that much more fun. At the end of the game, the cube will announce your score and return back to the menu.

Light Speed Trainer (Yellow Light)

Light Speed Trainer is the same as Light Speed except that it’s easier. So if you need some practice or your have a younger kiddo that needs some practice, you or they can do this one first. With this one, two lights will light up instead of one and you can press either color for your points.

Pattern Panic (Green Light)

This one is pretty fun too. My youngest practiced with this one for a while. This one is all about memorizing color patterns. When you start, the cube will announce a color. It will count down 5 seconds and you have to hit the correct color within that time. Once you do, the cube will announce the same color and another color. You then have to hit the colors in order while it counts down. Then it will go three colors and then four. So on and so on. So you have to remember the pattern. If you miss one, it’s game over and the cube will announce your score.

Sounds Out (Orange Light)

With Sounds Out, each side of the cube plays a different sound that is associated to that particular light. You have to listen and find the loudest sound and hit the button. You keep going until you completely silence the cube but you have to hit the loudest sound each time. I will tell you what, this one isn’t as easy at it sounds. No pun intended.

Full Charge (White Light)

This one is about “catching” lights. I think this is one of my personal favorites. My youngest likes this one too. One light at a time will move all around the cube. You must catch it by pressing one of the buttons. Once you “catch” a light, another one will move all over the cube. So then you repeat the process. Each time you “catch” the light, that particular colored side will stay lit. You do have a time limit though so you have to try to get all the sides lit up before the game times out!

Multiplayer Madness (Red Light)

This one is really fun to play together. You can play with up to 6 players. You basically race time and pass the cube to the next player. You have to find and press the correct light before time runs out. Then you pass to the next player. The next player has to find the correct light on the cube before time runs out and then passes the cube to the next player. If a player misses the light or runs out of time, that player is eliminated and the next player starts round two.

My kids love this one especially when my husband and I play too. It also gets a little crazy because the ticking time starts to speed up as you go!

Final Thoughts…

We love the Rubik’s Revolution Electronic Game! It’s really fun to play by yourself or with others. Sometimes my kids will even take turns playing the single player games and try to beat each other’s score. We love these kind of games since most of them are about beating or racing against time. Over the past couple weeks, at least one of my kids are playing with this thing for a half hour to an hour at a time. It gets a lot of use. And despite how often someone is playing with our Rubik’s Revolution Electronic Game, the batteries are still going pretty strong!

Age recommendations are for 6 years and older.

Buy It: You can buy Rubik’s Revolution ($19.99) and other games and toys from Super Impulse at stores like Target and Walmart. You can also find them on Amazon!



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Rubik's Revolution Electronic Game
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