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World’s Coolest Talking Keychain Review – The Office

World's Coolest Talking Keychain

My husband got a kick out of his World’s Coolest Talking Keychain. He is obsessed with The Office. I don’t think he has ever missed an episode of the show. Because we tend to watch this show quite often (including reruns), I have remembered quite a few of these lines myself. Each World’s Coolest Talking Keychains plays 6 different classic phrases from the show, The Office. Also available is Parks and Recreation which my husband also watches.

World's Coolest Talking Keychain

The World’s Coolest Talking Keychain includes batteries so it’s ready to go as soon as you take it out of the package. You will probably have to remove a tab from the battery housing. The front of The Office keychain features Micheal Scott which happen to be my husband’s favorite characters on the show. I have to say, he’s probably my favorite too because it just so happens that Steve Carell is one of my favorite comedic actors.

World’s Coolest The Office Talking Keychain

The back of the keychain has an on/off switch which is cool for preserving batteries. Or to prevent you from accidentally pushing one of the talking buttons at the wrong time. There are 6 buttons you can push on the front that will play the 6 different phrases. “The only thing that can make this day better…is Ice Cream”. I can agree with that Micheal. Most of the lines were spoken by Micheal although there is one or two that are spoken by another character.

World's Coolest Talking Keychain

The keychain is kind of chunky and because of that, it’s not easy for my husband to keep it on his regular keyring. It’s a little difficult to keep in his pocket. So he has it hanging on something he has on the rear view mirror in the car. He told me he’s been having some fun with it at work since he ended up leaving it on his desk in his own office.

The clip is a push clip and it’s pretty heavy duty.

You can easily clip it to just about anything so it’s not limited to only a keyring.

World's Coolest Talking Keychain

Final Thoughts…

My husband has been having fun with it. Some of these phrases are funny too. The voices sound authentic and the speaker is pretty clear which we appreciate. Be sure to check out Super Impulse to see all their other fun stuff including some of the mini and micro arcade games they have! You can also check out my The Man Who Has Everything gift guide!

Buy It: You can by the World’s Coolest Talking Keychain on Amazon. Retail price is $6.99 each. It’s available in The Office and Parks and Recreation.



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World's Coolest Talking Keychain
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