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Micro Arcade Pac-Man Handheld Game Review

Micro Arcade Pac-Man Handheld

The Micro Arcade Pac-Man Handheld Game from Super Impulse is so neat! The size of this little thing is crazy. I think that’s why I like it so much. These are pretty cool and there are quite a few to choose from. If you like these old arcade games including retro Atari games, you will love these. It is so nostalgic to play these games again and because of their size, they are so easy to take with you anywhere.

Micro Arcade Pac-Man Handheld

What’s Included

Each Micro Arcade Game comes ready to play. You get your game handheld, instructions, and a USB charging cable. That’s right. No replacing batteries! These Micro Arcade games are rechargeable. Which is a good thing because I sometimes find myself playing Pac-Man for a while at one time.

Micro Arcade Pac-Man Handheld

It does have a try me mode while in the package. Even though there is a try me mode, I didn’t have to charge mine until a couple hours later. Charging is easy. It has a micro USB port on the handheld. The cable that came with my Micro Arcade Pac-Man Handheld was pretty short. I ended up using my charging cable I have for my phone so I didn’t have to leave my game sitting on the floor. When you charge it, you will see an LED indicator light and usually takes a couple hours to fully charge.

The Size

The size of this Micro Arcade Pac-Man handheld game is really crazy. It’ about the size of a credit card. Not as thin as a credit card but it is pretty thin. I love how these are deigned too. The back is metal-like so this tiny thing does have a little bit of weight to it. At least for it’s size anyway. It’s pretty durable too which is a good thing because I certainly didn’t want to feel like I could break this thing while playing it. Not to worry though, it’s comfortable to hold it although it might take a minute to get used to playing a game this small.

I love the clear front of it. I think being able to see inside of the handheld is really cool. It has an on/off switch on one side and a sound switch on the other. That way if you prefer to play without sound, you can. I did find that the game sound was fairly quiet. It’s not too quiet that the player would have a hard time hearing it but it is soft enough that you won’t annoy others around you.

Controls and Screen

The controls are simple and easy to use. Even with the small size, the directional buttons are easily able to be pressed. The screen is really awesome. Despite it’s small size, I didn’t have any problems being able to see the game. Again though, it may take a bit of getting used to. But picking up the pellets and running from the ghosts isn’t a problem on the small screen. I love playing it. So does my son. We sometimes have to fight each other for it.

Well, not really however, he has become somewhat of a Pac-Man game hog.

Micro Arcade Pac-Man Handheld

Can you believe this size?! I still can’t get over it. Not only is it cool, I think it’s cute too. I can easily put it in my purse or pocket and take it anywhere. You could probably even carry it in a wallet. It’s just nice to have around especially when you are bored at some kind of appointment and your stuck in a waiting room somewhere. Since it has an on/off switch, I don’t have to worry about buttons accidentally getting pushed running the battery down while in my bag.

Micro Arcade Pac-Man Handheld

This tiny handheld contains the full Pac-Man arcade game. It records your top scores too. The only time I have a problem is when the fruit shows up on the screen. It’s not that I can’t see it, but I do tend to miss it sometimes when I am paying attention to the ghosts.

Final Thoughts…

I can’t tell you how cool this Micro Arcade Pac-Man Handheld game is. First of all, I love those old arcade and Atari games. Pac-Man was always one of my favorites. Another of my favorites is Qbert and yes. You can buy that Micro Arcade game too! I also need to get my hands on Space Invaders and Tetris. They have some other Atari favorites too like Centipede. I just love these Micro Arcade games!

Buy It: You can buy Galaga, Pac-Man, Tetris, Atari, Space Invaders and a few others (there are 9 in total). The retail price is $19.99 each. More information is on the Super Impulse website however, you can purchase these on Amazon! Age recommendation is 6 years and older.



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Micro Arcade Pac-Man Handheld
Micro Arcade Pac-Man Handheld
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