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SuperThings Collectible Toys Review

SuperThings Collectible Toys

These SuperThings Collectible Toys are super cool! My son is already obsessed. So what are SuperThings? Well, they are either super heroes or villains. They can be all sorts of vegetables, fruits or every day items such as shoes, scissors, hair dryers, watering cans and so much more. My son loves these little things. I personally think they are pretty cute too. Season one includes 80+ characters, blind bags, and blister packs containing 4 or 10 SuperThings. In addition, there are Supercars, Hideouts, and Kaboom traps. Starter packs include quite a few goodies too. Season one toys can be found on Amazon and there are weekly webisodes on SuperThings YouTube channel as well. There will be a season two launching soon!

SuperThings Collectible Toys

SuperThings Starter Pack

We received this really cool SuperThings Starter Pack that features a comic book. Included were two SuperThings Collectible Toys, a hideout, and a blind bag that contained an additional SuperThings hero or villain. My son loves the blind bags since you don’t know which one you are going to get.

SuperThings Collectible Toys

My son loves comic books. He says the SuperThings comic was fun to read. Another great thing about the comic book is that it has an introduction about SuperThings, their Supercars and Hideouts. Explains how to spot which ones are heroes and which ones are villains. If they have white eyes, they are heroes and if they have yellow eyes, they are villains. There are two versions of both heroes and villains. The second version of each one, they are wearing their special suit.

Map of Kaboom City

This is something my son thought was really cool. Inside the comic book is also a map of Kaboom city. All the SuperThings live in different sections. There is the Central Patrol, Mutant Bandits, Star Team, the Furious Gang, Cool Troup, and the Mad Clan. Each of these groups have their own headquarters so to speak.


Throughout the comic book and story, we saw checklists and information about each of the SuperThings. My son thought this was really awesome because he was able to learn about each character and each of his SuperThings collectible toys.

He currently has Mad Blades (in his special suit), Wondershine (in her special suit) and he also has Lockdown who happens to be a lock safe. Their personalities and special powers are fun to read about. Plus you also get to know which villain or hero they are best matched up with.

The Hideouts

The hideouts are pretty cool. Some of them even look like they are made from metal. Some have doors that either flip open or slide open. The hideout he got with his recent SuperThings collectible toys has a door that slides open and closed.

The roof of the hideout also has a flip top roof. He thought it was fun to flip the SuperThings characters across the room with it. I walked into the kitchen and these little guys were being flung all over the place!

Fun to play with an collect

I just love their size. I think that’s what makes them so cute. Well, that and they just happen to be all kinds of different items. I don’t know if they were intended to be able to be used as pencil toppers but my son thought it was a cool idea. They are made with a rubber-like material however, they are definitely not erasers. He just put them on his pencils for fun.

SuperThings Collectible Toys

Final Thoughts…

Personally, I think these SuperThings collectible toys are great. They are definitely fun to collect for sure. My son loves them. We were looking at them on Amazon because he has a birthday coming up and he wanted some of the hideouts and supercars. Of course he wants some more of the characters too. As much as he loves blind bags, I am also glad there is the option of blister packages so we know which ones we are buying too. As much fun as the blind packaging is, sometimes it’s nice to know which ones you are getting too.

Included in the series are some rare and super rare gold ones. We definitely need to get some more to see if we can find the rare ones! In addition to the hideouts, there is also an ultra rare gold hideout too. It doesn’t matter if you purchase blind packaging or the blister packs because even with the blister packs, there is a surprise one.

As much as he loves these SuperThings collectible toys, he’s also been enjoying watching the webisodes on their YouTube channel! If you have a kiddo that would love these toys, they would probably enjoy watching them too! Be sure to check out the links below for more information about SuperThings, SuperThings collectible toys, and the fun webisodes on YouTube. Remember, season two will be coming soon! I will update with more information when season 2 launches!

Website ~ YouTube ~ Amazon

Buy It: You can buy SuperThings collectible toys including SuperThings blister packs, blind bags, Supercars and Hideouts and more on Amazon! They are all affordable too which makes them easy to collect! Don’t forget to check out their website and YouTube channel!


Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. However, I received free product mentioned in this post from a representative of Goliath and SuperThings in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own. If you would like to be a sponsor in a giveaway or collaboration with DustinNikki Mommy of Three, please email Nicole Anderson at [email protected]

SuperThings Collectible Toys
SuperThings Collectible Toys
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