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Hoo-Rag Tubular Face Bandana Review

Hoo-Rag Tubular Face Bandana

The Hoo-Rag Tubular Face Bandana is really awesome! I was recently introduced to them and my whole family has been in love with them. There are so many different ways you can wear them. Both my boys like wearing theirs to school since they are required to wear a face covering. They just started school a week ago. We weren’t sure if we were going to send them back or not but since they will be going one week on and one week off (half the students at school and half at home alternating weeks), we decided to let them go since they really wanted to. Anyway, that’s for another post.

They have sizes for adults (both men and women) and they also have kid sizes as well. My youngest thinks his skull face bandana is really cool. My older son is obsessed with diesel trucks (hence the t-shirt he is wearing), four wheelers, and camo. They love the ease of use. Just fit it over your head so it’s sitting around your neck. Then simply pull it up around your face. They are really stretchy and really soft too. I have been told by both of them that they are very easy to wear all day long at school.

Hoo-Rag Tubular Face Bandana

About Hoo-Rags

Hoo-Rag Tubular Face Bandanas are the better bandana. We received a variety of them to check out. We got a couple adult bandanas. One of my boys instantly claimed the camo one. Because camo of course. My daughter claimed the other adult size one. I just love the colors and patterns. I held on to the blue bandana while my youngest grabbed the kid size skull one. Hoo-Rag has been around fort about 10 years. While popularity has increased because of everything going on right now. These are really great for protection from other outdoor elements; wind, sun, dirt and dust.

Hoo-Rag Tubular Face Bandana

Each Hoo-Rag is a tubular bandana or face covering. The face bandanas are larger in size while the regular bandanas are smaller in size. However, the smaller ones are still used the same way. Because they are smaller, you can only wear them a couple different ways while the face bandanas (face coverings) can be worn many different ways. I still can’t get over how soft they are.

Hoo-Rag Bandana

I thought I would start with the Hoo-Rag bandana. There are a couple ways you can wear this one. It’s also tubular and you fit it over your head just like the Hoo-Rag Tubular Face Bandana. Then slide it up on your head to wear as a head band.

Again, it’s really stretchy and super soft. I also like that I can bunch it up to make a narrower head band or wear it as a wider bandana. While the face bandanas can be used as a pony tail holder, I think the smaller ones are easier for that.

Hoo-Rag Tubular Face Bandana

I can wear mine all day and forget I am even wearing it. It’s pretty functional too since it stays on place really well which is great when I am working outside. It’s really great on hot days. I very much appreciate the moisture wicking fabric!

Hoo-Rag Tubular Face Bandana

Hoo-Rag Tubular Face Bandana

Neck Gaiter, Face Cover Mask, Sun Protection Mask

You can wear it as a neck gaiter on colder nights to help keep your neck and throat warm. Yes, while they help in the heat with their moisture wicking and keeping you cool, they can also keep you warm. You can easily slip it up over your face to use as a face cover mask and sun protection mask at the same time. Yes, the microfiber fabric has sun protection built in. It has a 30 UPF rating. Because of the length and size you can cover your whole face while still protecting your neck and throat area.

My son likes to wear his while mowing the grass. Not only does it wick sweat away and offers sun protection, he also doesn’t have to worry about dust and cut grass possibly blowing in his face.

Hoo-Rag Tubular Face Bandana

Wear It As A Beanie, Skull Cap, or Head Wrap

As previously mentioned, my older son loves riding his four wheeler or even riding dirt bikes with his buddy. He has usually always worn something to cover his face to protect him from all the dust and dirt while riding. So the Hoo-Rag Tubular Face Bandana is great for that too. You can also wear it on your head like a skull cap, beanie or head wrap. He sometimes wears them as a beanie under his hat or ball cap for a better fit. I mean, just look at his hair. He refuses to get it cut.

To wear it as a beanie, turn the tubular face bandana inside out and then place it on your head. Then twist the access on top and fold it back down over your head. You will want to turn it inside out so that the pattern is visible on the outside. Unless of course you would rather wear and inside out beanie.

Hoo-Rag Tubular Face Bandana

Headband Bandana or Hair Bandana

To wear it as a bandana headband, wrap it around your forehead. This is a really great way to keep sweat from dripping down your forehead while playing sports or working out. This happens to be my daughter’s favorite way to wear hers. You can also style your hair by using it as a hair bandana. Using it this way is great if you want to keep your hair down. Instead of focusing on wrapping it around your forehead, make it fit in your hair on top of your head.

Hoo-Rag Tubular Face Bandana

Head Bandana

This is another way my daughter likes to wear hers. Just simply fit it over your head and let the access hang around the back of your neck. She and I both love this while working in the flower beds. In addition to keeping sweat out of our face, it also provides sun protection on the back of our neck. Pretty nifty isn’t it?!

Hoo-Rag Tubular Face Bandana

Final Thoughts…

We just love the Hoo-Rag Tubular Bandana! I love that while we can use them for a protective face covering, they are also great for protecting from outdoor elements. These are really great to use for extra warmth or for moisture wicking to keep you cooler. Protects from the sun, wind, dust, and maybe even pollen which can be helpful if you have outdoor allergies. They definitely come in handy while hiking, bike riding, on the water, fishing, hunting, sports, gardening or anything else outdoors.

Or just simply to accessorize. My daughter comes to mind with that statement. They are very stylish and so many styles and designs to choose from! I should note that they are machine washable but should be washed in cold water. Not recommended for a machine dryer. Instead, you should line dry them. I have noticed they really don’t take long to dry. I have a mini clothesline on my porch to line dry all our face masks and face coverings. After only a couple hours, ours are dry.

Buy It:

Be sure to check out the Hoo-Rag website. You can buy them individually (Approximately $17 each) or even in bulk. Right now they also have a “Build Your Own Kid’s 4-Pack” and you can save 25%!

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Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post. However, I received free product mentioned in this post from Hoo-Rag for my use and review.  All opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own. If you would like to be a sponsor in a giveaway or collaboration with DustinNikki Mommy of Three, please email Nicole Anderson at [email protected]

Hoo-Rag Tubular Face Bandana
Hoo-Rag Tubular Face Bandana
Hoo-Rag Tubular Face Bandana
Hoo-Rag Tubular Face Bandana
Hoo-Rag Tubular Face Bandana
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