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BTTRKitchen Butter Twist Tool Review

BTTRKitchen Butter Twist Tool

The BTTRKitchen Butter Twist Tool has been so handy in my kitchen! It’s hard to believe that something so simple would make my life so much easier. So what is the BTTRKitchen Butter Twist Tool? Well, it’s a butter tool that does multiple things. You can measure your butter, cut your butter, spread your butter, and store your butter all in one handy kitchen tool. So easy to use too!

The BTTRKitchen Butter Twist Tool comes with 4 main parts. It is very easy to assemble and take apart for easy cleaning. Yes, it is also dishwasher safe (top rack). I always take mine completely apart and place all the smaller parts in the basket I have inside my dishwasher.


Snap in to bottom part. The bottom part will also have a thumb tab that fit into the slot that runs the length of the cylinder. If you look down inside, you can see little “spikes” (they aren’t really spikes) that will keep your stick of butter in place. There is a slicing ring that fits on the top. The last part is the cap.

Load the Butter

Before placing a stick of butter inside, you will need to remove the cap (that’s obvious) and the cutting ring. Insert your unwrapped stick of butter from the top and then gently push down so that those “spikes” stick into the bottom of the butter. Then you can replace the cutting ring. After you put the cutting ring back on, you can then cap it.

BTTRKitchen Butter Twist Tool


Each dash on the cylinder is 1 tbsp. If you need to measure 3 tbsp., slide it up 3 dashes. Then twist it. The BTTRKitchen Butter Twist Tool will slice off the amount you need. And yes, I found it to be accurate too. When it comes to measuring butter while cooking or baking, I found that just reaching for my butter twist is easier. Normally I am measuring from a tub of butter with measuring spoons and then have to scoop it out of the spoon. Or I have to unwrap a stick of butter and cut it myself. Just pick it up, push the butter up and twist right into my mixing bowl. That’s it. I am done.

BTTRKitchen Butter Twist Tool

It’s really great for cooking when you need to add just a little butter. I don’t normally use this much butter when frying eggs. I just wanted to make sure you could see it in the photo. Plus I also had a couple more eggs to fry up for the kiddo as soon as these ones were done. Since eggs cook pretty quickly, it’s nice to be able to get some more butter in my pan quicker with this handy thing.

BTTRKitchen Butter Twist Tool


For my family, spreading butter just became easier. I have two kiddos that haven’t quite gotten the hang of spreading butter or anything else really with a butter knife. I am usually having to do it for them. So when we have something like toast or pancakes, they can use the BTTRKitchen Butter Twist Tool themselves. They don’t have any issues pushing some of the butter up to spread it on their toast or pancakes themselves.

BTTRKitchen Butter Twist Tool

I love it. It’s easy to just pass around the table. So much easier and less messy. Need a little butter on your mashed potatoes? Cut a little slice right on them. Need a little butter spread on bread or biscuits? Pass it along. You know what else is great about it? It makes buttering corn on the cob easier to. No worries about a tub of butter sitting there getting warm and passing along a butter knife with it. It’s really awesome for BBQs too when you are cooking outside. It takes up less space and it’s easier to pass around when you have guests over.

BTTRKitchen Butter Twist Tool

Final Thoughts…

I might be crazy to think this simple thing can be a life saver but it really is. My kids like being able to use it themselves. It does a great job for measuring and cutting, and there isn’t a mess with it. Once you are done, just cap it and store it in your refrigerator. I found that it cuts butter really easily whether it’s right out of the fridge or even if it has softened up a bit. It doesn’t really matter, it works every time!

Buy It: Check out the BTTRKitchen Butter Twist Tool on their website. There is more information there including video so you can see it in action. Right now you can get one for $19.99 with free shipping within the USA. You can also get it on Amazon.

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BTTRKitchen Butter Twist Tool
BTTRKitchen Butter Twist Tool
BTTRKitchen Butter Twist Tool
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