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My Fairy Garden Light Garden Review

My Fairy Garden

The My Fairy Garden Light Garden is really cute! My kids were so excited about it, especially my youngest. My Fairy Garden has quite a few fairy garden sets that can be combined with each other to create a whole fairy garden world. These garden kits are really fun STEM activities. They come with everything you need to grow your own little gardens. I think these are a great way for kids to learn about planting seeds and plant growth. In addition, it also gives them the chance to learn how to care for their garden. Besides, these sets are also pretty fun to play with.

My Fairy Garden Light Garden – What’s Included

Included with the My Fairy Garden Light Garden is the planter basin that has a built in working water wheel. There are also some little gardening tools, watering can and a bridge that you can also use to connect other My Fairy Garden sets. Also included is a seed packet and Fairy seed starter (the potting soil). The Fairy seed starter is really neat because there are little flakes of coppery shimmer mixed in. We thought that was a nice touch because it is a Fairy garden after all.

Of course the garden wouldn’t be complete without the little fairy house, Saffron, the fairy and Calista, the unicorn!

The Seed Packet

The Magical Seed Mix includes three types of plants. There are Ryegrass seeds, Mustard seeds, and Pea seeds. You will be able to tell which ones are the Pea seed because they are about the size of well, peas. Makes sense right? The other seeds are really tiny. This was the first time I have ever seen any of these kinds of seeds so I don’t know which was which.

I forgot to mention, there is also a Fairy Flying Cord. It’s like a thin metal rod that can be attached to the planter basin. Then you can attach the little fairy to the other end. This allows Saffron to appear to by flying around the garden. How cute is that?! My son calls it the “flyer wire” instead though. I don’t know why, I guess it’s just more fun to say it that way.

Assembly and Planting our Garden

There wasn’t much to assemble but what was needed to be assembled was really easy. When it came to the fairy house, all we had to do was snap on the toadstool roof. That was it. Underneath the roof piece is where the batteries are located. And yes, ours already had batteries in it. The house just simply sits on top of the molded dirt mound in the planter. I like this because it makes it easy to remove at any time if you need to or your kiddo wants to remove it while playing.

The bridge just snaps together. You can sit it anywhere around the planter basin. Both ends can connect other basins. Or you can just use it as a stand alone. There is also a place where the little garden tools can be stored. It’s right next to the water wheel button.

The Water Wheel

Another fun feature of the My Fairy Garden Light Garden is a water wheel. This is also really easy to assemble too. It took less than 30 seconds. There is also a flower water spout that simply needs to be snapped into place near the water wheel. Once you have that together, add a little water to the basin below the water wheel. Push the button and water comes out of the spout turning the water wheel! The doors on the house also open and close. There is also a little light inside the top. If you gently blow into the window, you will hear a fairy chime and the light will come on.

My Fairy Garden


First you want to fill the planter with the Fairy Seed Starter (the potting soil) with only half. They make it really easy because the set comes with two separate bags. After you do that, wet the dirt. You can use the little watering can that came with it! The planter isn’t self draining so be careful how much water you use. All you need to do is make sure it’s evenly moist.

Then place the seeds where you want them and then add the second bag of dirt evenly around the planter to cover all the seeds. Once again, water the soil.

My kids couldn’t wait for their plants to start growing.We were all really surprised that there was a little growth in only 3 days! It was funny because my son runs into the living room to tell me our plants were growing. Just the night before, we still didn’t see anything. And then bam, there they were!

My Fairy Garden

Garden Growth

I have to say, the garden growth from our My Fairy Garden Light Garden has been pretty great. The seeds grow really well and they grow really fast too. The above photo was just only after 2 weeks of growth! Pretty impressive in my opinion. The pea seeds were the ones that really took off first.

My Fairy Garden

And here we are at 3 weeks

My Fairy Garden

At 4 weeks we kind of started to have a problem. Don’t get me wrong, we were THRILLED with the growth. But those pea plants were growing so tall and they are so viney that it was hard to use the “flyer wire” or even play with the water wheel. A couple of our pea plants started to get breaks in their viney stems.

So I carefully untangled the plants and used some bamboo skewers to kind of separate the plants. That way they could continue to grow around the stakes and the kids could still play in the garden without hurting the pea plants. At this time, my son wanted to add some of his colorful rocks from his collection to the garden.

My Fairy Garden

So this is what it looked like afterward. My daughter thought tying some ribbon to the stakes added some “fairy flair”. At this point though, I was wondering if we were ever going to get much more growth from the ryegrass and mustard because the pea plants seemed to be taking over.

My Fairy Garden

About just a week later, my question was answered. Those mustard plants are even bigger now than what you see in the above photo. They leaves are huge now. You can’t even see the soil in the planter anymore. I’ll have to take an updated photo shortly and add it to this post so you can see it.

My Fairy Garden

Final Thoughts…

We love our My Fairy Garden Light Garden! so much so that we just got another set. We haven’t planted it yet though because we just got it. Once we do, I’ll update this post with a new photo so you can see how the different sets can be connected. As a parent, I think My Fairy Garden is great for kids. I know at least mine love planting their own gardens, caring for their own gardens and watching them glow. The light on the light house isn’t very bright but it does give a warm glow when the room is dark. I think the garden looks really neat when it’s dark and the light is turned on.

I still can’t believe how fast these plants grew. They really took off pretty quickly. Each day, you could definitely see a difference and my youngest was thrilled with it. I would suggest though that if you happen to get one of these My Fairy Garden Light Garden sets, plant the pea seeds around and behind the house. We planted them evenly all around the whole planter. If you plant them all around and behind the house, you won’t have to worry about them getting in the way of the water wheel or the “flyer wire” in the middle. That way, you probably won’t even have to use any stakes. You can just let them grown naturally around and on the house.

Overall, we love the My Fairy Garden Light Garden! We can wait to get our second set going!

Buy It

You can buy the My Fairy Garden Light Garden (retail price $29.99) on the Play Monster website. You can also buy the Light Garden and other My Fairy Garden sets at stores like Target and Walmart. And you can also find them on Amazon.

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My Fairy Garden
My Fairy Garden
My Fairy Garden
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