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Holiday Gift Guide 2020 for Kids, Tweens, and Teens

Here is my Holiday Gift Guide 2020 for Kids, Tween and Teens! It took me some time to get it together with everything going on at home lately but here it is! This guide includes toys and products that my own kids really enjoy and so I hope yours will too. So if you need any ideas, check out my guide. I will include a brief description, age recommendations and retail information if I have it available. I have also reviewed all items on this list so I will also include the links to my review posts if you want more information about them.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Rattlesnake Jake

First up in my Holiday Gift Guide 2020 is Rattlesnake Jake. This is a game from Goliath and my youngest loves it. This wouldn’t be my older kids’ first choice (obviously) however, they don’t mind playing with their younger brother. It’s a lot of fun to play. Jake is protecting his gold nuggets. On each player’s turn, they take a nugget. They can also take a chance flipping a coin to possibly grab another. But players must do this with caution because if it lands on the wrong side, they have to put a nugget back. Jake will snap his head toward you at any time too!

I swear I think Jake almost gives me a heart attack every single time. It’s actually pretty funny! Age recommendations are ages 4 years and older. See my full Rattlesnake Jake Review. Buy: You can buy it at Target with a retail price of $24.99.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Snap Ships

Snap Ships are building sets from PlayMonster that contain some pretty cool ships. There is also a web series on YouTube that my son is into. Each set has multiple builds so it’s like 3 toys in one. The pieces snap together really well and they even come with a removal tool for re-builds. They also come complete with weapon parts that really fire. They also come complete with a display stand as well which is really cool for when you are done playing with them. Of course these were on his Christmas list this year so Santa may have gotten him a couple more. Buy: The suggested retail price is $9.99 to $39.99 depending on what kind of set that you buy. Snap Ships Building Toys are available on Amazon and stores like Target. Age recommendations are 8 years and older. See my Snap Ships Review for more information.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

World of Zombies

Next in my Holiday Gift Guide 2020 is World of Zombies. World of Zombies are from Bandai and this is another one of my youngest’s current obsession. There is a Ball Park Play Set that allows you to play three different games. With zombie parts I might add. You can play soccer, bowling, or even use the golf club to hit the zombie’s head to knock over other zombies. He also likes the zombie figurines that are sold separately. Each one comes with two. One of them is a surprise figurine.

Body parts can also be mixed and matched so you can end up with some strange looking zombies!  Buy: You can purchase World of Zombies on Amazon. There is a Sports Stadium play set ($29.99), the Ball Park set ($16.99) and various World of Zombies Figurines ($7.99) each. Age recommendations are 6 years and older. See my full World of Zombies Review.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Unsolved Case Files: Harmony Ashcroft

I am personally exited to add this one to my Holiday Gift Guide 2020 this year. If you have a teen that loves crime and detective stuff, this one would be perfect. This “game” is based on a fictional crime with copies of documents from the original case file. There is evidence that is included such as photos, maps, autopsy report, newspaper clippings, and more. The file looks complete and put together really well. The documents look and feel like the real thing too. There are objectives that you must solve to be able to complete the case.

My daughter and I had a lot of fun with this one. Make sure to check out my Unsolved Case Files Review for more information. Age recommendations are 14 years and older. Buy: You can buy this Unsolved Case Files game – Harmony Ashcroft Case at Walmart for $26-$27. The retail price is $29.99. You can also find this one and other Unsolved Case Files on Amazon as well.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Relative Insanity See What I Mean?!

The Relative Insanity Party Game – See What I Mean?! is a pretty hilarious game. It’s a game from PlayMonster that was created by Jeff Foxworthy. This is a pretty funny party game for ages 14 to adult. We really like it. This game is played with photo cards and caption cards. There are tons of photo cards and hundreds of caption cards. You basically try to come up with the best and funniest captions for the photo that was played. Part of what makes this an awesome party game is because you can play with as little as 4 players or as many as 12 players! See my full Relative Insanity See What I Mean?! Review for more details!

Buy: You can purchase the Relative Insanity Party Game – See What I Mean?! online at PlayMonster. Retail price is $19.99. However, you can also get it on Amazon right now for $9.99 and Walmart also has it for the same price currently. I don’t know how long those prices will last. You can also buy it at Target as well.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

VIP Pets

Next up in my Holiday Gift Guide 2020 list are VIP Pets. These pets are super adorable. The have a whopping 12 inches of hair! When you first open them up, you remove the top and bottom of the bottle. While the pet is inside, you can let water pour through the top. The water will come out of the bottom so don’t worry about it filling with water. That being said, you will want to do this in a sink. While “washing” their hair before the styling begins, the towel wrapping their hair kind of dissolves revealing what their hair looks like.

Afterward, you can remove the pet and and all the hair supplies to begin her VIP hair styling treatment! I got a couple of these for my nieces for Christmas. They are going to love them! Age recommendations are 5 years and older. See my full VIP Pets Review for more information. Buy: Retail price is $12.99 each. You can buy them at Walmart, Target and on Amazon.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Ravel Tales

Ravel Tales are a lot of fun. It’s a ball of yarn that you unravel to reveal all sorts of fun stuff. As the ball is unraveled, you will end up with different types of yarn. There are supplies hidden to make braided bracelets including some charms to add to them. There are supplies to makes a pillow pet bed and pom poms complete with clips so you can clip them to anything after they are made. Why a pillow pet bed you may ask? Because also hidden inside is a cute plush pet! The different pets include unicorns, kittens, puppies, bears and others. It’s a surprise what you get with each one. See my full Ravel Tales Review for more information.

Age recommendations are 5 years and older. Buy: Retail price is $9.99 each. You can buy them at Walmart, Target and on Amazon. In Ohio, I also saw them at Meijer. That’s where I picked up a couple more for my nieces this year.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

My Fairy Garden

My kids and I really enjoy My Fairy Garden which is why I have included them in my Holiday Gift Guide 2020 list. We have a couple of these sets which can connect to each other with a bridge that is included with each one. Each set comes with everything you need for your garden. Seeds, planting soil, tiny garden tools, unicorns and fairies – everything. It’s a great way to teach kids about gardening and have their own garden to play with. The Fairy Light Garden that is shown above even has a light that come on and a working water wheel!

See my full My Fairy Garden Review. Buy: You can buy the My Fairy Garden Light Garden (retail price $29.99) on the Play Monster website. You can also buy the Light Garden and other My Fairy Garden sets at stores like Target and Walmart. And you can also find them on Amazon.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Boardwalk Mini Arcade Games

Boardwalk Arcade Mini Games are really cool! These mini arcade games are designed to resemble those game machines you see in the arcade. Currently, you can get three different versions of thee Boardwalk Arcade Mini Games from Super Impulse. Included in this fun collection is Whac-A-Mole (one of my favorites), Skee-Ball and TMNT Tiny Electronic Pinball. I think they are pretty cute! Also, pretty fun to collect too. Both my boys love these little games. It’s hard to believe they are as small as they are! See my full Boardwalk Mini Arcade Game Review.

The age recommendations are 8 years and older. Buy: You can buy all three games on Amazon. They have a retail price of $19.99 each.

HairDooz Dolls

Here is some more cuteness overload that I am happy to include in my Holiday Gift Guide 2020! HairDooz Dolls come inside a bottle. Because it is a complete surprise as to which one you will get, it makes them that much more fun. They seriously are adorable dolls. And they are so little too. There are 24 that you can collect. In addition to all the cuteness, I just adore their hair. They are just so colorful! But not only that, they all have different textured hair. See my full HairDooz Dolls Review.

Age recommendations are 5 years and older. However, I think older kids would love collecting these too. Buy It: You can get these HairDooz Mini Dolls at stores like Kmart and Walmart. You may even find them on Amazon as well. Approximate retail price $10-$14.

Micro Arcade

The Micro Arcade Pac-Man Handheld Game from Super Impulse is so neat! The size of this little thing is crazy. I think that’s why I like it so much. These are pretty cool and there are quite a few to choose from. If you like these old arcade games including retro Atari games, you will love these. It is so nostalgic to play these games again and because of their size, they are so easy to take with you anywhere. I have Pac-Man and I take this little thing with me all the time. It’s not as thin as a credit card however, it is pretty thin. The size is about the size of a credit card though. The best part is, there are no batteries to worry about. These little things are chargeable! Check out my full Micro Arcade Review.

The age recommendations are 6 years and older. I happen to think these would make great gifts for tweens and teens! Buy It: You can buy Galaga, Pac-Man, Tetris, Atari, Space Invaders and a few others (there are 9 in total). The retail price is $19.99 each. More information is on the Super Impulse website however, you can purchase these on Amazon!

Modarri Cars

My son got his first Modarri Cars set 7 or 8 months ago. Since that time, we have gotten a couple more sets. He really likes these things. As a parent, I think they are pretty cool too. They come with different car parts so that you can mix and match to build your own cars. My son likes the little tools that comes with them. The best part is, the little screws don’t come all the way out of the parts after they are loosened to take the cars apart. I think that’s the best part! I do love how they promote imaginative play and creativity too. All parts work with any set too which makes them even more fun! See my full Modarri Cars Review.

The age recommendations are 6 years and older but they do have cars for 3 years and older as well! You can buy the Modarri Ultimate Toy Car deluxe set ($24.99) on the Modarri website. You can also find them at stores like Walmart and you can get them on Amazon as well.

Rubik’s Revolution

The Rubik’s Revolution Electronic Game from Super Impulse is a lot of fun to play. Especially if you are bored. It keeps my kids entertained for a while. What am I saying? It relieves my boredom as well. It looks like it is around the size of a standard Rubik’s Cube. However, this is a cube that doesn’t have twist-able parts. It’s a solid cube that allows you to play 6 different fun electronic games. All 6 games are different light chasing games. Each one has it’s own challenges. In addition, each one gets harder and harder. I think that’s why this thing is so addicting. Like my kids, I am always trying to beat my previous score. One of the games is a multiplayer game which requires you to hand off the cube to other players. That one is really fun too. See my full Rubik’s Revolution Review.

Age recommendations are 6 years and older for this one. I think this is another good one for the tween and teens as well. Buy It: You can buy Rubik’s Revolution ($19.99) and other games and toys from Super Impulse at stores like Target and Walmart. You can also find them on Amazon!

SuperThings Rivals of Kaboom

Last but not least in my Holiday Gift Guide 2020 list are SuperThings. SuperThings are these tiny collectible toys that my son has become obsessed with. They are super villains and super heroes that happen to be ordanary things. That’s why they are called SuperThings. Some of them are scissors, some hair dryers, fruits or veggies, etc. My son even has a super villain that happens to be a locker. I think that’s why he loves this things so much. They also have cars and hideouts too. Most of the packaging usually also includes at least one mystery super hero or villain. I guess that makes them even more fun because my kids love surprise toys.

He also likes watching the SuperThings episodes that are found on YouTube as well. They have weekly webisodes on their YouTube channel. I think he knows everything there is to know about the city of Kaboom and all the rival groups that are out there. See my full SuperThings Rivals of Kaboom Review for more information. Buy It: You can buy SuperThings collectible toys including SuperThings blister packs, blind bags, Supercars and Hideouts and more on Amazon.

And that concludes my Holiday Gift Guide 2020 for Kids, Tweens, and Teens. However, I will be adding a couple more last minute gift options very soon so keep a look out.

Happy Holidays!

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Holiday Gift Guide 2020
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