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PENSILLY Drawing Guessing Game Review

PENSILLY Drawing Guessing Game

The PENSILLY Drawing Guessing Game is so much fun to play! My family recently discovered it and we have so much fun with it. Because the giant pen constantly moves, shakes, and wiggles, drawing with this guy is really funny. I don’t think we have ever played this game without laughing hysterically. PENSILLY is a game from Never Wrong Toys and we just love this one!

PENSILLY Drawing Guessing Game

Requires Batteries

Yes, PENSILLY does require 3 AAA batteries. When you first open up your PENSILLY Drawing Guessing Game, you will find the battery housing under the cap of the pen. You will need a small screwdriver to open it up. One thing I like about this housing is that once the batteries are in place, you can turn it so that it’s underneath the red part. That way, smaller kids may not see it to try to open it up. Once the batteries are in place, replace the cap and switch it on. There are actually two speeds so that you can play in two difficulty levels.

PENSILLY Drawing Guessing Game


There are two dry erase markers that come with it. This is how the pen will write. You simply push in on of the markers into the tip of the PENSILLY pen. Remove the cap and you are ready to draw. There is a blue marker and a red marker. One for each team! Or you can do what we do and just use the same marker so that we don’t have to switch every time.

Dry Erase Boards

I am very happy the PENSILLY Drawing Guessing Game comes with dry erase boards – or sheets. This saves us a bunch on paper. For the most part, the marker erases really well with a dry towel. After we are done playing though, I usually wipe them down with a damp towel. That way I can make sure there isn’t any marker residue left before putting it away. As you can see in the above photo what some of the drawings look like. One of mine was supposed to be Lazy Grapes. My kids guessed the grapes part but they couldn’t figure out I drew Z’s to try to depict Lazy Grapes. I don’t even think they figured out I drew Z’s because they might have guessed they were sleeping grapes instead. Hey, I tried!

PENSILLY Drawing Guessing Game

How to play

First you divide into teams. Each team chooses their drawer and the others in the team guesses. The drawer chooses two cards. One Subject card and one Description card. So for example you would draw a Fast Hot Air Balloon or a Floating Jellyfish. Each card has a point value. If your team guesses only one part, then they get the points on that card. If they guess both parts, your team gets the points from both cards. There is a timer so you have to guess quick. The drawer can only answer yes or no if their team members ask questions. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the game wins!

Over 5,500 clue combinations!

Yep, with all the cards there are over 5,500 clue combinations. Therefore, it’s a different game each time. We had some really interesting combinations. Some of which we weren’t even sure how to draw. It was pretty funny though. I don’t think any of us stopped laughing while trying to draw with the pen. Most of the time we were able to guess our team drawers subject but had a harder time with the description of the subject.

We love games that we can play as a family. I think the PENSILLY Drawing Guessing Game is currently one of our favorites to play right now. We are definitely enjoying this one!

PENSILLY Drawing Guessing Game

Final Thoughts…

I can’t say enough how much we love PENSILLY! PENSILLY is definitely a crazy pen that’s for sure. The first time we tried this game, we laughed so much that I don’t think we have ever laughed so hard. As previously mentioned, some of the clues are a little tough to draw. The subject cards are easy. It’s those descriptions that get you. But I love that you still get points for guessing even only one part. We like to call the description cards bonus points.

The batteries seem to last quite a bit of time before running down. The markers are holding up pretty well too. However, I may need to look into buying some new markers that will fit because with the shaking pen, I noticed the tips of the markers were a bit more dull after about 5 or 6 times of playing. They still mark really well though. One thing I would suggest is putting a sheet of paper underneath the dry erase sheets. There were a couple times one of us lost control of the crazy pen and started drawing on my tabletop!

I highly recommend this PENSILLY Drawing Guessing Game! The age recommendations are 6 years and older. We LOVE it!

Buy It: You can find PENSILLY on amazon and you can also buy it at Walmart. Retail price is $19.99.

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PENSILLY Drawing Guessing Game
PENSILLY Drawing Guessing Game
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