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Rattlesnake Jake Game by Goliath Review

Rattlesnake Jake Game

The Rattlesnake Jake Game is by Goliath. My family loves Goliath games. We have a lot of them. The goal to this game is to collect as many gold nuggets from Jake as you can. But beware. This cute, cowboy hat wearing, kind of angry looking rattlesnake can strike at you at any moment!

Rattlesnake Jake Game

Before you play

Before you play the Rattlesnake Jake Game, you need to put Jake together. There isn’t much to him. He has a base and the rest of his body. You simply just snap him together. Push his head so that it snaps into place as well. On the bottom, you will see where to place the batteries. The Rattlesnake Jake Game requires 3 AAA batteries which are not included. There is also an on/off switch.

Don’t forget to place his cowboy hat on his head! It just kind of sits on his head. Other game pieces include gold nuggets and a gold coin. Place all the gold nuggets in the base so that Jake can protect them from you! Or at least he will try.

Rattlesnake Jake Game

How to Play

Once you are set up you are ready to play. Just make sure you have the switch on the bottom switched to ON. Each player takes turns removing one piece of gold on each turn. On each player’s turn, they can also choose if they want to use the chance coin. If a player lands on heads, they get to take another gold piece however, if they land on the X, they have to put one of their nuggets back. That’s why it’s called a chance coin. Or at least that’s what we call it.

Jake can strike at any time though. When that happens, his head pops out toward you! If Jakes strikes, the player he strikes at has to return half of their nuggets back to Jake. Then push his head back into place. You keep playing until all the gold nuggets are collected. The player with the most gold nuggets wins!

Jake’s tail also rattles!

Yes, Jake’s tail also rattles! This actually surprised my son the first time because he had no idea. If you touch the base of Jake, the tip of his tail shakes and rattles. It will also do that when you take a gold nugget from him. His tail is pretty sensitive so it rattles almost every time you take one. We thought this was pretty cool.

Rattlesnake Jake Game

Final Thoughts…

We just love the Rattlesnake Jake Game! Of course if I asked my older two kids to pick a game to play, they wouldn’t pick this one. They are teens after all. However, if my youngest wants to play, they don’t mind playing with him. They still have fun with it. The age recommendations are 4 years and older. It appears to have a good play-life. At least in our house it does because my youngest loves playing it and he’s 10. I enjoy playing it with them too although Jake makes me jump each time he strikes. He gets me every single time.

I highly recommend the Rattlesnake Jake Game. I think younger kids would really enjoy this one too! You can play with 2-4 players. Fun for the whole family!

Buy It: You can buy the Rattlesnake Jake Game at Target. Retail price is $24.99.


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Rattlesnake Jake Game
Rattlesnake Jake Game
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