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Ravel Tales Surprise Sewing Toy Review

Ravel Tales Surprise Sewing

Ravel Tales Surprise Sewing Toys are a new kind of surprise toys. These are so much fun! It’s a ball of yarn that you get to unravel to reveal lots of fun surprises! You end up with different types of yarns to make fun things including bracelets, necklaces, pom poms and more. There is even a little plush pet inside!

Ravel Tales Surprise Sewing

Ravel Tales Surprise Sewing


Ravel Tales

To start, I want to say that there are 12 different Ravel Tales plushies you can collect. There are kittens, puppies, a pony, bears and even a unicorn! As mentioned previously, each one comes with lots of surprises including stickers and a collectors card as well. In addition, there are instructions for all the crafts you can do with the yarn.

Ravel Tales Surprise Sewing

Unraveling the Fun

The outer yarn is a heavier weighted yarn. You will notice that there is a tag on it letting you know that this yarn is the bed filler. Yep, you get to make a pet bed for your Ravel Tales plush! After you unravel the bed filler yarn, you will come across yet another type of yarn. We found that there was a pretty good amount of the bed filler yarn.

Next we came across some bright orange yarn. This yarn is labeled for the poms poms you can make We also found a tool inside that makes making these pom poms really easy. And unravel and unravel we continue!

We also found some braided orange and yellow corded yarn to make braided bracelets, necklaces and a pet collar. Last but not least, we finally unraveled our Ravel Tales Plush! We got a little bear and it’s so cute! Her face was a little misshapen but it was expected being wrapped up in all that yarn. It was pretty easy to shape her face out though. We also found heart shaped cloth pieces for the pet bed to be sewn together.

Pom Poms

One of the crafts in the Ravel Tales Surprise Sewing Toys provides are the pom poms. The pom pom yarn is actually two long pieces and at the end of each of them is an attached clip. This way, once your pom poms are made, you can clip them anywhere. You simply wrap the yarn around the tool. Cut off a small piece of the yarn and tie it in the middle. Then cut the yarn along the sides. Once you do that, you have pom poms!

Ravel Tales Surprise Sewing

Braided Jewelry

There is enough yarn to make a necklace and two bracelets. One of the bracelets can be used as a pet collar. Included with all the surprises with the Ravel Tales Surprise Sewing Toy, there were 4 or 5 charms you can add to your necklace or bracelets! They are pretty cute too.

Pet Bed

The last little craft includes sewing together the pet bed. There is a plastic needle that is already threaded too. I think that makes it easier for younger ones. Anyway, all you have to do is line up both halves up the cloth for the pet bed. Since it’s shaped, it’s pretty easy to do. Then, using the bed filler yarn you sew up the bed leaving a small opening. Then stuff it with excess yarn and finish by sewing up the opening and tying it off.

Ravel Tales Surprise Sewing

We love these Ravel Tales! Lots of fun and super cute. My nieces are going to love these. I picked up a couple of these for them for Christmas this year. I noticed that these are series 1 so we are hoping there will be a new series eventually.

Ravel Tales Surprise Sewing

Final Thoughts…

We absolutely love Ravel Tales! The age recommendations are 5 years and older. In my opinion, I think this is perfect for kids as young as 5. I think it’s a great way to get them to learn how to sew and craft with yarn. I also think it’s creative. If you have kids that love surprises, crafting, and/or sewing, this is definitely for them! Of course collecting these Ravel Tales plushies is a lot of fun too!

Buy It: You can buy Ravel Tales at stores like Walmart and Target. You can also buy them on Amazon. Retail price is $9.99 each. In Ohio, I also saw these at Meijer too.


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Ravel Tales Surprise Sewing
Ravel Tales Surprise Sewing
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