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Relative Insanity Party Game – See What I Mean?!

Relative Insanity Party Game

Relative Insanity Party Game

The Relative Insanity Party Game – See What I Mean?! is a pretty hilarious game. It’s a game from PlayMonster that was created by Jeff Foxworthy. My husband and I love Jeff Foxworthy. He’s a pretty funny guy. The Relative Insanity Party Game has Foxworthy all over it. A lot of his comedy is family based which is why we love this game. Because it’s suitable for ages 14 years to adult so it also makes a fun family game.

Relative Insanity Party Game

Relative Insanity See What I Mean?!

This game is played with photo cards and caption cards. There are tons of photo cards and hundreds of caption cards. You basically try to come up with the best and funniest captions for the photo that was played. Part of what makes this an awesome party game is because you can play with as little as 4 players or as many as 12 players!

Relative Insanity Party Game

How to play

All players are dealt caption cards. One player is a “Judge”. The Judge plays a photo card and rolls the die. The die will indicate which type of caption will be used for the photo that was played. There are three categories; Punchline, What Happened Next, and What Would Granny Say? Oh my gosh, let me tell you what. A lot of those Granny captions remind me of my own grandma. There are some really funny ones in there! There is a caption for each category on the cards.

All the players look through their cards and chooses one from the correct category they want to play. They don’t read the caption themselves. Instead they pass their card facedown to the judge. After the judge collects each player’s card, he/she mixes them up so he/she doesn’t know who’s card is who’s. Next, the judge reads all the captions from all the cards and chooses the one they like best. The player who has the chosen best caption, gets two points.


In addition, the judge also chooses the second best caption. The player with the second best gets one point. That’s what the token pieces are for. The trophy is for the best and the second best gets the coin. However, there is a third token. The third token doesn’t actually need to be used unless you want to use it. Depending on who we are playing with, we may or may not use it. The third one is the black sheep. Because it offers absolutely no points what-so-ever it doesn’t need to be used. However, if the judge decides it’s necessary to choose the worst caption, they can give the player the token and be named the black sheep of the family.

The next round, the caption winner becomes the next judge. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins.

Relative Insanity Party Game

The Photo Cards

The photo cards are like real photos on cards. They are durable cards so there isn’t any worry about them getting bent up or anything. They are all like your typical candid family photos. I went through all of them to make sure there wasn’t anything way too inappropriate for my almost 15 year old. My oldest is 19 so I wasn’t concerned with her playing it. My 11 year old wanted to play too since all the rest of us were playing even though he’s younger.

There was really only two photos I removed. One of them was a weeding photo. The groom was under the bride’s dress to remove her garter. Honestly there wasn’t anything wrong with it however, I thought it could be kind of rude depending on captions that may have been used with it. I also want to clarify, not crude but rude. There is a difference there. There was another one with (lets just say) a truck bed of natural plants.

Relative Insanity Party Game

The Caption Cards

There are a ton of caption cards. I went through the majority of them. I didn’t see anything that I found inappropriate for a 14 year old. There were a few that I wasn’t sure a 14 year old would quite get though. But there weren’t many of them. I didn’t really see anything that wasn’t appropriate for my 11 year old. He is a little young for it though so there were a lot of them that he didn’t really get for sure. But he was playing with us. Usually he teamed up with either me or his dad anyway.

Relative Insanity Party Game

How Long Does One Game Last?

This is the best part about this game – it can last as long as you want it too. You could play until all the caption cards have been discarded. You could play until everyone has so many turns at being the acting judge. Or you can choose a number and say the game ends whenever someone reaches that many points. It’s really up to you. Therefore, the game can last for quite a while. Again, perfect for a party game!

A fun twist

If you want a fun twist while playing this Relative Insanity party game, you could use your own family candid photos. With captioning your own family photos, you could end up with even more laughs! We totally need to do this with our own family once we can have big extended family gathering again.

Relative Insanity Party Game

Final Thoughts…

We just love this game. With all the different captions, this game is never the same. There is hilarity every single time we play. I personally was impressed with the age appropriateness (if that’s a real word) minus a couple of cards I removed. Which was just my personal preference. I would definitely stick with the age recommendations though mainly because anyone younger than 14 may not get a lot of these captions.

I definitely recommend this one!

Where to Buy: You can purchase the Relative Insanity Party Game – See What I Mean?! online at PlayMonster. Retail price is $19.99. However, you can also get it on Amazon right now for $9.99 and Walmart also has it for the same price currently. I don’t know how long those prices will last. You can also buy it at Target as well.

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Relative Insanity Party Game
Relative Insanity Party Game
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