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Squish’Ums Squishies Squishy Toys Review

Squish'Ums Squishies Squishy Toys

Squish’Ums Squishies Squishy Toys are a must have if you like squishy toys. That was a mouthful wasn’t it? My kids love them. If I am being honest, I really like them myself. We have a lot of squishy toys in our house including a lot of other Squish’Ums toys. I have actually written quite a few posts about them. Just search my blog and you will find tons of different character Squish’Ums reviews!

Squish'Ums Squishies Squishy Toys

Squish’Ums Squishies

Squish’Ums Squishies Squishy Toys are squishy balls. They come in quite a few vibrant colors. They come incased in netting. You could always remove the netting but they are more fun if you leave the netting on them. I am pretty sure the netting is intentional anyway.

Squish'Ums Squishies Squishy Toys

This is why the netting on them is so much fun! When you squeeze them, it squeezes through the netting turning them a different color! How cool is that?! I am not sure what they are made out of but they remind me of like a really soft and squishy rubber. They are not slow rise. They bounce back instantly when you stop squeezing.

Squish'Ums Squishies Squishy Toys

Colorful Fun

So of the four that we have, the blue one turns green, the green one turns orange, the orange one turns green, and the purple one turns pink. Even though they come through the netting, they won’t pop. They may sometimes look like they probably should but we have never had that happen.

Stress Reliever

The Squish’Ums Squishies Squishy Toys can make a great stress reliever. I don’t know what it is about squishy toys but I find this to be true. I have a few squishy toys sitting on my desk for that reason. Sometimes it’s just good old fun. Other times It’s nice to just have something to do absentmindedly. That happens to me often I suppose.

Final Thoughts…

I am not sure exactly what makes squishy toys so much fun but I do. And of course so do my kids. They are obsessed with them. The Squish’Ums Squishies Squishy Toys are just fun to watch when you squeeze them too because of the netting on them. They also have a little bounce to them too. They are recommended for ages 5 years and older.

One final note about them. They are not sticky or anything however, if they are left on the floor they can attract pet hair. When this happens, we just rinse them off with water and let them air dry so they don’t pick up fuzzies from a dish towel. If you or your kids like squishy toys, I recommend these!

Buy It: You can buy these Squish’Ums Squishies Squishy Toys at stores like Target. Retail price is $2.99 each. These would definitely make great stocking stuffers!

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Squish'Ums Squishies Squishy Toys
Squish'Ums Squishies Squishy Toys
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