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VIP Pets Toys by IMC Review

VIP Pets Toys

These VIP Pets Toys are super adorable! We recently had some fun checking these out for the first time. Inside each bottle, there is a surprise VIP Pet inside with surprise hair accessories. Not only do you get a cute pet, you also get to style their long hair. And I mean, long hair!

Opening up your VIP Pet

After you remove the outer wrapper on the bottle, you will see your pet inside. Next you remove the top part of the bottle and twist off the bottom cap. We found all the hair accessories inside this part. Before you remove your pet from the bottle, there is another surprise!

Washing Your VIP Pet’s Hair

Yes, you get to “wash” your VIP Pet’s hair before you take her out of the bottle. As you can see, there is a “towel” covering her hair. You can kind of get an idea of the color or colors the pet’s hair will be but you can’t really tell until the towel is removed. This is another part of what makes these VIP Pets Toys really fun. See the star holes in the top and bottom of the bottle? This allows you to run water through the top and out the bottom over the pet’s hair.

While the water is running, it will dissolve the towel revealing her hair completely!

Don’t worry. The hair doesn’t get wet. There is a plastic-like liner under the “towel”. Once the outer lining has dissolved, you will see it. I was worried about the hair getting wet myself because doll hair like this can be kind of hard to brush sometimes when it gets wet. But the hair on our VIP Pets Toys stayed completely dry.

The Accessories

After we removed our pet from the bottle and removed the hair covering, we checked out the accessories. Included was some hair glitter, a brush, a looping styling tool, some little rubber band pony tail holders, a pet collar, and a head band. There was also a little booklet with different hairstyles you can do with your VIP Pets Toys.

VIP Pets Toys

Long Hair

When I mentioned the long hair before, I mean a whopping 12 inches of hair. Imagine a 4 or 5 inch pet/doll with a foot of hair. Our puppy has pink and blue hair with purple bangs in the front. We tried to get her bangs to stay down but we couldn’t at first.

So while my daughter was playing around with her hair, she pinned them back with the head band. Eventually we used a little water just on her bangs to be able to style them.

VIP Pets Toys

VIP Hair Styling Treatment

VIP Pets Toys come with a chair that the pets can sit in while styling their hair. The chair can snap into the removable base of the bottle and can be placed on top like shown above. I highly suggest this because of the length of their hair. It makes it easy to brush and style it that way.

VIP Pets Toys

Final Thoughts…

Oh my gosh, I can’t tell you how adorable these VIP Pets Toys really are. Their faces are just so cute. I really like the concept too. “Washing” their hair and all the little surprises are a lot of fun. For the most part, brushing their hair is pretty easy as long as the hair is dry. These are also really fun to collect too. There are 12 different ones and they all come with 9 surprises of their own! The age recommendations are 5 years and older. I got a couple of these for my nieces for Christmas this year. They are going to love them!

Buy It: You can buy VIP Pets at Target, Walmart and on Amazon. Retail price is $12.99 each.

IMC Toys Website ~ VIP Pets Instagram

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VIP Pets Toys
VIP Pets Toys
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