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Wacky Packages Minis Toys Review

Wacky Packages Minis toys

Wacky Packages Minis toys are perfect for the kiddos that like to collect mini foodie toys. These are really fun to collect. My son loves them because instead of brand name foodies, they have wacky names instead. They come in these little containers that remind me of individual yogurt cups or something similar. If you have never heard of Wacky Packages Minis before, they are from Super Impulse. Super Impulse has a lot of fun little toys and collectible toys like these.

Wacky Packages Minis

My son had a lot of fun with these. We received a cute package that included a couple of these Wacky Packages, a spoon just for fun, and a Wacky lunch note all in a lunch bag. Each Wacky Packages Minis come with 5 Wacky Collectible Foodies. You are able to see the one on top but the rest of them are a complete surprise!

When you peal off the top, there are 5 total collectible toys inside. All but one is in it’s own surprise packaging. This is really cool if you want to share one with your friends. Everyone can have a surprise! My son did that with one of these at school. I snuck one into his lunch box just for fun.

Wacky Packages Minis toys

He thought these were really funny. He kept pulling them out and laughing. Instead of Lays chips, they were Logs. Logs chips. I wonder what Logs chips would taste like. Or maybe not. They even have funny illustrations on them.

One of his favorites were the Krafty Shingles instead of Kraft Singles. The shingles are apparently perfect for your roofing needs. I think they are pretty funny myself. If you know these brand names, it makes them even funnier.

Wacky Packages Minis toys


There are also stickers that are found inside of these Wacky Packages Minis. Instead of some Ritz crackers, how about some Ratz crackers? Or instead of Wish Bone dressing, how about some Fish Bone dressing? I am not sure about that one. Actually I think I am pretty sure about that one.

Wacky Packages Minis toys

Final Thoughts…

Who would have thought something so simple was so much fun? Wacky Packages Minis are a lot of fun. My son thinks they are hilarious. He’s starting quite the collection of these little things. They are pretty small so keep that in mind. Because of their size, I would strongly suggest sticking with the age recommendations of 8 years and older. The cups they come in are also pretty sturdy. My son saved his so he can store them in the cups. He got a few more of these for his birthday and got a couple of the others he was hoping to get. He got his Rice Krispbees cereal box so he was pretty happy.

None of these are made of cardboard which I love by the way. I would hate it if the cereal boxes were made that way because they probably wouldn’t survive long if they were. All the Wacky Packages Minis are pretty solid. Anyway, we think they are fun to trade and collect!

Where to Buy

You can buy these at stores like Target and you can also buy them on Amazon. They usually come in a two pack (two cups containing 5) for $6-$7.



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Wacky Packages Minis toys
Wacky Packages Minis toys
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