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World of Zombies Play Sets and Figurines Review

World of Zombies

According to my son, the World of Zombies play sets and figurines from Bandai are totally awesome! Not to long ago, we received a package of them to play with and review. The World of Zombies Ball Park Set is pretty cool since there are multiple ways to play. My son also loves the figurines. He’s been in collector mode ever since we got some of these. Each figurine package even comes with a surprise zombie figurine. Even though they are zombies, they are actually kind of cute. But I don’t dare use the word cute around my son.

World of Zombies

World of Zombies Ball Park Set

With the World of Zombies Ball Park, there is some assembly required. Nothing that is difficult. There are also some stickers to apply. There isn’t as many as I thought. The sticker sheet includes extra stickers that you can use anywhere. My son placed all the extra zombie stickers on one of his school folders.

World of Zombies

Anyway, there is a base, some pieces like gates, the launcher, launcher extension, blockers, a zombie, golf club, and some foldout cardboard zombies. And there is also a zombie hand as well. The different pieces can be removed and replaced with other pieces to play the different types of games.

The assembly is all pretty easy. Everything just snaps into place.

Zombie Soccer

Playing Zombie Soccer is going to require two players. You need one player behind the base to be the blocker. You also need a player to launch the zombie’s kick. Now, there isn’t a soccer ball. But don’t worry. Mr. Soccer Playing Zombie can lose his head and use it as the soccer ball. All you have to do is affix the zombie onto the launcher and place his head in front of his foot. Pull back on the launcher and the zombie will kick his head toward the blocker.

We did find that at first the zombie was a little difficult to attach to the launcher. One time my son send him flying toward the blocker instead of his head. He thought it was pretty funny. But after attaching and re-attaching the figurine, it became a lot easier.

World of Zombies

Zombie Bowling

Zombie Bowling requires the use of the launcher extender. So remove the launcher, add the extender and then affix the launcher again. I guess if you really wanted to, you could bowl without the use of the extender. You can bowl by simply replacing the soccer playing zombie with the zombie hand. Affix the zombie hand on the launcher. Again, it may take a few time of putting it on there and removing it for it to fit easily. Next, you punch out those carboard zombies and set them up like bowling pins.

Just like soccer, there isn’t a ball. Instead of using a bowling ball, the zombie’s head becomes the ball. The hand is shaped so that the head can be placed in it. Then you simply pull back on the launcher, let it go and see how many zombie pins you can knock over.

World of Zombies

Zombie Golf

Zombie Golf is played without having to launch the zombie’s head however, you do get to golf with his head. Yep, this poor zombie has his head kicked, rolled and hit a lot. It’s time to tee up! There is another piece I forgot to mention. There is a piece that can replace the launcher. It happens to be a tee that looks like shoulders and arms. This way, you can place the zombie’s head on this unique looking tee. Then you hang a couple punch out zombies and hit the head toward them using the little golf club hoping to knock those hanging zombies down.

World of Zombies

World of Zombies Figurines

Sold separately, you can purchase additional zombie figurines. Each one comes with a mystery zombie inside a coffin. The fact that my son loves zombies and surprise toys, it’s not really a surprise that he would love these. The great thing about these figurines is that you can use them with the play sets as well. So instead of the soccer player, the cowboy could kick his head while playing soccer instead.

The zombies have full motion of their arms and heads so you can pose them in many different ways. All of their heads can be removed which is cool since these zombies don’t have their own sports balls. Which makes them all the more fun. The arms also come off each zombie as well. My son likes to mix and match body parts coming up with some really crazy looking zombies. Each figurine also comes with a collectible card. I like that each zombie is it’s own character too. There’s obviously the soccer player (there’s actually a couple different players), there’s a cowboy, a doctor, chef, and a street fighter just to name a few.

World of Zombies

Final Thoughts…

My son just loves these guys. The World of Zombies figurines are a lot of fun to collect too. Right now my son has all his sitting on his desk. He keeps them there on display when he’s not playing with them. While I think they are cute in their own way, some of them are kind of silly too. I also think they are great for imaginative play as well. Age recommendations are 6 years and older.

Where to Buy: You can purchase World of Zombies on Amazon. There is a Sports Stadium play set ($29.99), the Ball Park set ($16.99) and various World of Zombies Figurines ($7.99) each. Be sure to also check out Bandai’s website for other cool toys!

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World of Zombies
World of Zombies
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