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Lucyd LOUD Bluetooth Enabled Eyewear Giveaway! 1 Winner ~ Ends 6/14

Lucyd LOUD Bluetooth Enabled Eyewear is seriously so cool! I totally want a pair of these. I love my music now matter what I am doing. In the summer I spend a lot of time outside which means I am always wearing sunglasses. With this eyewear, you can take calls and listen to your music! I also wear prescription glasses…

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Spring Gift Guide Grand Prize Giveaway Ends 4/21

There are tons of prizes in this Spring Gift Guide Grand Prize Giveaway! Tons of products, toys, games, books and things. Therefore, you should be sure to check it out! Each product has a review link so you can learn more about them. This giveaway is huge. There are three winners with this one and a different prize pack for…

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Mommy’s Touch Teething Necklaces Giveaway! Winner’s Choice (3 Winners) Ends 4/28

  Mommy’s Touch Teething Necklaces are really nice to have. I had some teething necklaces when my youngest was little. I was constantly picking him up or he was constantly climbing on me. So I used to wear these teething necklaces all the time because if I was wearing any other necklace, he would try to eat it. Since he…

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Society Socks 2 Winner Spring Giveaway! Ends 4/11

Society Socks are pretty cool. I love all the fun, different designs. They are a subscription service and you receive two pair each shipment. Each shipment also includes free shipping too. You also have the option to add socks to your shipment as well. The other really cool thing that I love about them is that they are called Society…

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PicturesOnGold Photo Jewelry Giveaway! $135+ RV! Ends 2/14

PicturesOnGold Photo Jewelry is amazing! I have a locket myself with my kids inside it. I love these because you can also personalize them with beautiful engraving. The Forever In My Heart Photo Locket would be perfect for a Valentine’s gift don’t you think? If you would like a chance to win one, keep reading and enter the giveaway below!…

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