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Walnut Rustic-Edge Cutting Board (John Boos Co.) Giveaway Ends 6/27

The Walnut Rustic-Edge Cutting Board from John Boos & Co. is abosolutely gorgeous! You may remember me rave about John Boos Cutting boards before. I love them. I have one but it’s a lighter color. The Walnut Rustic-Edge Cutting Board has a beautiful darker color. The main reason why I love these boards is because they are very durable and…

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Zak Designs Water Bottles Healthier You & Healthier Planet Giveaway Ends 5/13

These Zak Designs Water Bottles are pretty great. We have a couple of the vacuum insulated stainless steel bottles. They work great at keeping water and drinks cold. My husband takes one to work every day. Since he has a drive of almost an hour, he likes to have a cold drink (usually water) on the way home. By the…

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Lotus Trolley Reusable Shopping & Produce Bags Giveaway Ends 4/5

The Lotus Trolley Reusable Shopping & Produce Bags are a wonderful alternative to having your groceries bagged in plastic shopping bags. We use reusable shopping bags as often as possible. I love the Lotus Trolley shopping bags because you can line them in your cart. The reason I love this idea is so that items can be separated and organized…

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