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Smiley360: Free FiberChoice Fruity Bites Gummies Mission

New Smiley360 Mission!  Members, check your profile and take the survey to see if you will qualify for the new mission. Free FiberChoice Fruity Bites Gummies Mission. Sign in or sign up and look for the mission survey on your profile. You will receive an email if you get in. If you don’t know what Smiley360 is, you earn Smiles…

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FeverAll and Cold Pack Review & Giveaway

FeverAll is a great fever reducer/pain reliever to always have handy in your medicine cabinet.  I don’t review medication products that often on my blog but I was really interested to know more about FeverAll.  FeverAll is an acetaminophen suppository.  It is also the only acetaminophen suppository approved for infants as young as six months.  If you are a parent…

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MD Moms Baby Silk Cleansing Towelettes Review

  Diane Truong and JJ Levenstein are both pediatricians and moms that got their inspiration from their patients and their own kids to come up with their Baby Silk personal care baby products.  How great is that?  We have pediatricians that know what our babies need and they are both Moms that know what Moms know!  Not only have they…

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