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Walnut Rustic-Edge Cutting Board (John Boos Co.) Giveaway Ends 6/27

The Walnut Rustic-Edge Cutting Board from John Boos & Co. is abosolutely gorgeous! You may remember me rave about John Boos Cutting boards before. I love them. I have one but it’s a lighter color. The Walnut Rustic-Edge Cutting Board has a beautiful darker color. The main reason why I love these boards is because they are very durable and…

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Delilah Home Sheets ‘Wake Up Refreshed’ Giveaway Ends 6/30

Delilah Home Sheets sound really wonderful. I am always looking for new sheets to try out. I am loving that Delilah Home Sheets are made with 100% organic cotton. They area also made using no harmful chemicals or bleach and contain low impact dyes. You can get them three different neutral tones such as white, sand, and light gray. I…

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SHISEIDO Sunscreen Giveaway Ends 5/13

SHISEIDO Sunscreen is a lightweight formula. It has an SPF of 50+ which is definitely great for me. I burn really easily. I have used other SHISEIDO products such as their skin care products and I love them. Maybe I should try the SHISEIDO Sunscreen soon. Summer is on the way and sunscreen is a must have. Especially since my…

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