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PureGuardian® Large Room Hi-Performance Tower Console Air Purifier Ends 4/19

The PureGuardian Tower Air Purifier would be perfect for our home. We do have a small one upstairs to help our son. I love Spring but with Spring comes all sorts of different pollens. My kiddo is allergic to just about everything. He also has a problem with dry air and things like that too. For instance, if the air…

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IQAir Atem Car Advanced Car Air Purifier Giveaway! (4 Winners ~ $1600 TRV)

I am going to have to look into getting an IQAir Atem Car Advanced Car Air Purifier for our car. Did you know that the air quality inside your car can be 15 times worse than the air quality outside your car? I didn’t know that either. We have air purifiers in our house to help with allergy issues. I…

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The Febreze Tower Air Purifier Giveaway (1 Winner) Ends 6/10

The Febreze® Tower Air Purifier Giveaway ~ Purify & Clean Your Air With The Scent Of Febreze! (1 Winner) Ends 6/10 @Febreze_Fresh @SMGurusNetwork This post contains affiliate links and I may make a small commission used to support this blog if the item is purchased via the links in this post. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy! Welcome to The…

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