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Air Purifier IQAir Atem Desk 5 in 1 Breathe Easy Giveaway Ends 5/15

A personal Air Purifier would come in handy right about now! Especially this time of year. My family suffers from seasonal allergies. My son has a severe allergy problem. That’s why I love the idea of having an IQAir Atem Desk 5 in 1 Personal Air Purifier. It’s really great for small spaces. Secondly, it’s very portable so you can…

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IQAir AirVisual Pro ~ World’s Smartest Air Monitor Giveaway Ends 10/29

The IQAir AirVisual Pro Air Monitor is really cool. We use an air purifier in our house because it’s helpful to remove any allergen particles in the air. But there are other pollutants and potentially harmful air particles too. How can you really tell if you are breathing cleaner air? I mean, of course we know it does help with…

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IQAir Atem Car Advanced Car Air Purifier Giveaway! (4 Winners ~ $1600 TRV)

I am going to have to look into getting an IQAir Atem Car Advanced Car Air Purifier for our car. Did you know that the air quality inside your car can be 15 times worse than the air quality outside your car? I didn’t know that either. We have air purifiers in our house to help with allergy issues. I…

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