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Fruit2O “Dial it Back” MommyParty

Recently I was given the opportunity to host a Fruit2O “Dial it Back” Mommy Party, sponsored by Fruit2O. Not only because I got to share Fruit2O with party guests but also because of the theme of this party. There’s a meaning to the “Dial it Back” and I will get to that in . . . → Read More: Fruit2O “Dial it Back” MommyParty

Pinypon In Home Party #PinyponParty @mommyparties @PinyponUSA

I have came to the conclusion that little girls love Pinypon! I was so excited to have received the opportunity to host a Pinypon party in our home. This was the first that I have seen them and I fell in love with them myself. They are really cute and there are so many . . . → Read More: Pinypon In Home Party #PinyponParty @mommyparties @PinyponUSA