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EPIC Massive Monster Mayhem Limited Edition ‘Macho Cheese’ Pillow Giveaway Ends 7/8

  Here’s a fun giveaway for the kids! Have you heard of the Massive Monster Mayhem show? I haven’t either until here recently. It’s on Nickelodeon and it something like a game show.  Real Kid heroes take on Monster Superstars. It’s fun to watch, my boys thought it was pretty cool. To me, it reminded me of something like Wipeout…

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Music/Movies, Reviews/Giveaways

#HollywoodHeights – Teen Drama or Family Drama? Why I am in Love With This Show!

Hollywood Heights first premiered on Nickelodeon on [email protected] but was moved to TeenNick, weeknights at 8pm (Eastern Time) and consists of 80 episodes that will run through September or October (I can’t remember exactly).  It started airing before school started and when my daughter (almost 12) said she wanted to watch it when she kept seeing the premier (episode 1)…

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