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I Have a Serious Question, You Ready for It? What’s The Best Way to Get Crayon Out of The Dryer?

See?  I told you it was a serious question!  This is the second time I have had to clean out melted crayon in my dryer.  The first time he did this, it was an orange crayon.  I had no idea it was in there until I saw a really cool surprise when I opened my dryer. Luckily only two shirts…

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Brother’s: The Constant Arguing and Bickering (When Does it Stop?!)

We have three kids.  Our daughter is the oldest (going on 16) and she doesn’t really argue much with her younger brothers unless they are doing the “I’m the annoying little brother” thing.  And yes, they can be annoying.  That’s about as far as it goes when it comes to sibling arguments when it comes to our oldest.  Our boys…

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