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Air Purifier IQAir Atem Desk 5 in 1 Breathe Easy Giveaway Ends 5/15

A personal Air Purifier would come in handy right about now! Especially this time of year. My family suffers from seasonal allergies. My son has a severe allergy problem. That’s why I love the idea of having an IQAir Atem Desk 5 in 1 Personal Air Purifier. It’s really great for small spaces. Secondly, it’s very portable so you can…

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Desk 5-In-1 Air Purifier IQAir Atem Giveaway Ends 4/5

The Atem Desk 5-in-1 Air Purifier from IQAir is perfect for clean air in small spaces. It removes coarse particles such as pollen and mold spores. Secondly, it removes fine particles like household dust, bacteria and dust mite allergens. Thirdly, it also removes ultra fine particles which is 90% of all airborne particles. This is really helpful when it comes…

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Atem Desk 5 in 1 Personal Air Purifier Bundle Giveaway! 2 Winners Ends 6/30

I really need to look into getting an Atem Desk 5 in 1 Personal Air Purifier. Especially this time of year. There are many reasons why this one would be perfect for me. Firstly, the size makes it easy to sit on your desk. Secondly, it also travels well. You can use it in your car which is also great…

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